Your customers count on you to keep their digital world in order.

But as MSPs, you probably face a daily barrage of forgotten passwords and access requests, plus the constant nagging worry of data breaches.

And if things go wrong, there can be serious consequences for you and your customers – operations get disrupted, reputations can be damaged and trust can be lost.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

With the right software, you can turn access-request overwhelm into a streamlined, secure system.

intY’s Identity Management Solutions handle Password Management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and user control.

Much more than just efficiency tools, they provide your customers with robust protection, controlled user access and data safety, while setting you up as a trusted security ally.

Meaning you can turn the challenge of user management into a strategic advantage for your business.



Unlock the benefits of Identity Management Solutions

A strong Identity Management Solution is like having a master key, CCTV and a door bouncer in one. You can control access with ease while reinforcing defences.

Here’s how IMS can help you:

Fewer lockouts

  • Keep users working with secure MFA

Efficient access

  • Reduce password headaches and run systems smoothly

Reduce manual tasks

  • Automate user management and free up time

Centralise control

  • See and manage everything in one place

Peace of mind

  • Know that systems, networks and users are well-protected

Identity Management Solutions Explained

Want to learn more about Identity Management and how it works?

Here’s the lowdown:

Find the right Identity Management Solutions for your business

Feeling lost in the maze of Identity Management vendors?

We can help.

Our expert team can help you choose the right solutions for your needs.

Together, we’ll build a secure IT environment, that simplifies user management, to help you deliver superior services with confidence.

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