As an MSP, you may often feel like you’re under siege as the network gatekeepers of your customers’ infrastructure. Facing the daily challenges from cyber threats, seeking to infiltrate your customers’ systems, can often be overwhelming, and sometimes the worst can happen.

Imagine one of your customers had a data breach; their data is compromised, their reputation plummets and they fall foul of industry regulations, all of which has a monetary knock-on effect.

It’s a nightmare scenario with serious consequences for their business and can often, if uncaught, have serious repercussions for their customers too.

But you can help.

With the right tools, you can build them resilient systems, improve threat awareness, and ward off future attacks.

And we have the expertise and resources you need.



Endpoint Security - SECURE DEVICES

Safeguard your customers with Endpoint Security solutions

Our solutions cover every essential element of Endpoint Security, to bring you and your customers secure systems and peace of mind.

Secure endpoints

  • Protecting devices to keep data safe

Threat awareness

  • Being proactive with real-time responses

Threat detection

  • Rapidly identifying and containing threats

Threat visibility

  • Consolidating data so everything is in one place.


  • Meeting regulatory and industry standards

Expert support

  • Access to advanced threat hunting and incident response

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Choose the right solutions for you

Confused by the wide range of Endpoint security solutions? We can help.

Talk to our team and we’ll develop a stack that fully meets your needs.

Together, we’ll create an IT environment where your risks are managed effectively, your systems are secure and you can deliver superior services with confidence.

Get expert help from intY

We’re here to support you with all the guidance, tools and resources you need:

Industry experts

We provide advice and support for your specific needs

Security review

We’ll evaluate and strengthen your network and security setup

Vendor matching

We’ll find the perfect vendor for your business and customers

Build your skills

We can provide the knowledge and training your team needs to succeed

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