What is Azure Ascend?

Azure Ascend is our ground-breaking five-stage programme, built around partner growth and powered by our established Azure Practice.

No matter where you are on your Microsoft Azure journey, our specialists are here to guide you through the process of growing your Azure business. 

Equipping you with the tools to become fully proficient and confident in delivering Azure services.  

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How does the programme work?

Ascend aims to accelerate your Azure knowledge through interactive sessions with our team of experts, allowing you to unlock your full Azure potential. You will receive ongoing support and guidance throughout each stage to monitor your progress along the way.

The five core stages of the programme are:


At this stage you will be onboarded by our Azure Business Development Manager, introduced to Azure and its core benefits, then start to explore your future learning and development plan.


Once you’ve established a basic understanding of Azure, you’ll start to navigate the wider Azure offering including products and workloads, commercial readiness, technical readiness and Go-to-Market enablement.


You will continue to climb up your Azure journey through sessions with our Pre-Sales Engineers around Cloud Adoption Framework, Go-to-market readiness consultation, design and build estimates and an overview of pricing and deployment tools.


In the penultimate stage, you will have time to adapt your skills around a broader Go-to-Market strategy, advanced learning and development path and how you can start to provide a more competitive offering to your customers.


Once you have reached the final stage, you will have submitted your first Azure opportunity and be well on your way to building your own successful Azure Practice.

If you are interested in joining Azure Ascend, then please register via our webform below and a member of the Azure Practice team will be in touch.

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