Launched back in 2015, Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program (or CSP Program for short) was created to allow resellers to take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud offering. Two models were created, resell Direct through Microsoft (tier one) and resell Indirect through a cloud distributor (tier two). In the CSP program intY serves as an Indirect Provider to resellers on the Indirect model.

As a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, we provide Microsoft cloud service licenses on the CSP program to our partners (resellers), along with support and management services. intY supports thousands of resellers, supplying the right Microsoft solutions to meet their customer needs.

Added value:How CSP partners can benefit

Becoming a CSP partner is advantageous for various reasons:

Access to the full Microsoft cloud portfolio

Office 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Intune

Windows 10

You can bundle products in high-value configurations

Based on the specific expertise that your business can provide, you can choose a selection of Microsoft cloud products to bundle together with other vendor services including cloud security, backup and more and raise the value by offering related consultancy services. This allows you to increase your profit relative to offering individual licenses.

You can generate recurring revenue through your services

The more clients sign on, the more money can be secured on a monthly basis. Most CSP services are pay as you go, on a 30 day rolling contract. Bolt on your own support and management fees for even more revenue!

You can access high-level insight on product use

Having direct access to a provider that works closely with Microsoft allows you to glean insight into how certain services are being used, and how you can best assess their performance for your clients using our Partner Insights™ software.

You can more easily up-skill to Microsoft competencies.

Microsoft offers competencies to prove that certain resellers have particular skills. With intY as your cloud distributor, you can achieve relevant competencies far more efficiently, giving your business much more leverage when marketing to potential clients.

Our cloud solution provider program, or CSP, which puts our partners at the center of the customer relationship, is our strongest go-to-market offering yet.
— Gavriella Schuster
Corporate Vice President Commercial Partner.
Channels & Programs, Microsoft

Why you should joinThe intY CSP Partner Program

Why you should joinThe intY CSP Partner Program

If you’re interested in becoming a Microsoft CSP partner, you should choose intY as your provider of choice. Here’s why:

We have a class-leading portal. Our CASCADE portal provisioning engine is world class, so we stand behind it as the best
We provide remarkable support. Our customer feedback is consistently glowing, and we are born in the cloud so our knowledge is second to none.
We offer best in class vendors. Every license we offer or vendor we recommend is at the pinnacle of its niche, so you can have full confidence in our entire portfolio.
We up-skill you and your team. The relationship between provider and reseller must be tight-knit for everyone to benefit, which is why we provide one to one account management, vendor led training camps and product webinars.
Not sure about Azure? We have a Azure pre-sales team ready to answer any of your questions, their remit is to help you navigate around the pitfalls and clear your route to market.
We negotiate exceptional deals. We want our partners to maximise their profits, and our close relationships with our vendors allow us to achieve unbeatable margins.

The merits of a comprehensive cloud marketplace

A good cloud distributor can offer a single cloud marketplace through which you can easily request licenses when required. Our CASCADE portal is a great example of this. Instead of needing to wait for days for an order to be processed, you can simply review the available products and services and select what you need for rapid deployment.

The curation element is also highly valuable. Alongside Microsoft’s cloud solutions, we offer a portfolio of tools and services that were designed to supplement or enhance them, each one firmly recommended as a best-in-class performer. Tap into the full power of the Microsoft ecosystem and take it to the next level: that’s what our portal can help you achieve.

CSP Comparison

The Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licensing model offers resellers and customers complete flexibility and control over their Cloud licensing.

Microsoft Cloud agreements
(through CSPs)
Microsoft Enterprise agreements Microsoft Open agreements
Cloud only services Yes No No
Pay As You Go* Yes No No
No Minimum commitment** Yes No No
Sales model Partner indirect Microsoft direct or partner indirect (based on geo and sector) Partner indirect
Flexible Ordering Yes No No
Full Microsoft Cloud Suite Yes No Yes
"Cloud services user subscription license (USL)" Yes Yes Yes

* 30 Day Rolling Contract
** With CSP you can go from 1 to 2500+ Licences
*** Buy, Provision and setup licence 24/7/365 **** Including Commercial, Charity, and Academic Price list

Watch our Microsoft CSP case study today!

How to become an intY partner

To take full advantage of our CSP program, you’ll need to apply to become an intY partner: this will allow you complete control over how you choose, deploy and support your service licenses. The registration process is simple, and you can sign up for free.

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