CASCADE is our portal. It’s where you order & provision licenses and it’s the go-to place for product details. CASCADE can be white labelled or linked directly to your website through our API. Oh, the possibilities… Just think… You can have an ecommerce website that automatically sorts the ordering & provisioning of licenses, and all you have to do is just watch the money roll in. Not bad, eh?

We’ve just completed our largest Office 365 migration to date from intY, and everything went smoothly. Deployments are often done out of office hours, so the ability to gain instant access to services 24/7 via CASCADE is extremely compelling for us.
— MPS Networks

The age of aggregation

The age of aggregation

We’ve designed our cloud offering for the age of aggregation. It’s a simple equation; the more services you sell to one customer, the more margin you’re going to make. And with intY, it’s simpler still. We’ve made it that simple thanks to our unbeatable cloud portfolio. The best-in-class cloud services for any business, whether that’s email, backup, security, or all three.

Unrivalled vendor relationships,best deal for you

When you partner with intY, you’ll always have:

The fastest provisioning around, even on the move

The world’s leading cloud services including Microsoft, Symantec & Acronis

All the support you could ever need or even want.

Solutions to save you time & make you money

The multi-award-winning CASCADE portal

...And of course, you'll always get our unbeatable margin

Can your current distributor do that? Do they?

Again... Didn’t think so.

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