This was our second webinar in a series for lesser-known Office 365 applications, hosted by our intY Pre-Sales Team. We looked at MileIQ and how it can add value and improve processes within your customers' business.

MileIQ is a mileage-logging service that takes the hassle out of capturing, organizing and reporting on the business miles that employees drive.

  • Runs in the background of smartphones.
  • Records every drive automatically.
  • Simple way to record and claim back business miles.
  • Available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

This is a great feature for companies who rely on frequent travel to do business and may not have an automated system in place already to calculate mileage, saving them time and money.

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Which territories is MileIQ available in?

MileIQ is available to customers in the US, UK, and Canada.

What platforms support MileIQ?

iOS – Version 10 and above. Android, version 5 and above. Unfortunately, MileIQ isn’t currently supported on Windows Mobile, Amazon, Blackberry or jailbroken phones.

Do I have to use my work email to utilise MileIQ?

No – you can use your personal email but you’ll have to use your Office 365 credentials within the eligibility step to sync.

What licenses enable the use of MileIQ?

MileIQ Unlimited is now included with your company’s Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium subscription.

How do I activate the MileIQ benefit of my Office 365 subscription?

To activate your MileIQ benefit, visit to create a new MileIQ account or sign in using your existing one. Then enter your Office 365 credentials so we can check your eligibility and activate your subscription benefit. Note: You can use any email address you wish when creating a MileIQ account, but be sure to use your Office 365 credentials on the “Check Eligibility” step.

How much phone battery life does MileIQ consume?

MileIQ consumes almost no power when stationary (as it quickly goes to “sleep”), and it will only minimally increase battery consumption when in transit. So, assuming typical battery consumption of 5% per hour, driving with MileIQ would only consume an additional 1% or less over that hour. To achieve this minimal battery usage, MileIQ uses smartly constructed formulas to detect drives rather than only using GPS (which requires more power) for location data.

Can you report on travel time?

Yes, within each report you’re able to see journey start-time and end-time. As well as total miles, spend etc.

Can you set MileIQ to calculate miles excluding to work and to home?

MileIQ will track every journey users make. For expense purposes, MileIQ will only financially track journeys made for business. Users need to associate drives to personal or business purposes.

Can you add a driver name if the car is a pool car?

The driver’s name would already be recorded, and they would be the ones who will be claiming expenses for the journey. For those in the vehicle, but not driving, MileIQ would expect you to remove the journey from your journey list.

How does MileIQ calculate the mileage for the route? Does it track the location along the roads, or calculate a map route?

MileIQ tracks your exact location via GPS – not using the closest A road etc, but using your actual location.

Is it possible to put manual entries in, if there are locations with no signal at all, or if you forget your work phone?

Yes, there is an add-drive button within the application.

Is there functionality to put a mileage allowance in? So for instance, home to customer, customer to office, office to home - I only claim 13 miles for the commute from office to home, so only claim the excess.

Not unless you split the drives into two separate drives, as you cannot split the same drive into both personal and business.

Can you purchase MileIQ as a stand-alone service from CASCADE, without having an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription?

You can’t purchase MileIQ as a stand-alone from CASCADE. You would have to download this via the App Store/ Google Play Store from your mobile device.

Can I export drives to Excel?

Yes, all drives can be requested in PDF and CSV.

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