This was the seventh webinar in the Azure series, hosted by a member of our intY Pre-Sales Team.

In this session, we discussed Total Cost of Ownership Calculator & Azure Pricing Calculator.


Total Cost of Ownership Calculator – Estimate the cost savings you can get by migrating your workloads to Azure, without knowing exactly what Azure workloads you require.

Azure Pricing Calculator – This helps you to predict the estimated monthly Azure bill for any Azure workload.


The webinar provided an overview of the features and benefits, a demonstration of usage abilities, as well as information on plans and licencing followed by a Q&A session.

Attendees gained a clear understanding of the feature and how it can benefit them and their customers.


  • Tom Button, Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer, intY

Features and benefits

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

  • Estimate total costs of Azure without knowing the exact workloads you require.
  • Visual representation of costs broken down by category and time.
  • For each individual category, the TCO calculator will expand upon the details to help you understand how the estimate has been calculated for clarity and transparency
  • Before calculating, you can modify value assumptions, for example, IT labour costs

Azure Pricing Calculator Features

  • View all Azure workloads, and their prices, along with a short
    description and a link to a product page.
  • Save estimates for future use, and customise them per customer.
  • As you select services, you can swap back and forth between product screens and cost estimates, as well as editing parameters.
  • Export the estimate onto an Excel document which can easily be presented to customers as part of a project proposal.


  • Introduction
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator – Overview
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator – DEMO
  • Azure Pricing Calculator – Overview
  • Azure Pricing Calculator – DEMO (A simple Azure environment)
  • Azure Pricing Calculator – DEMO (A WVD environment)
  • I’ve got my estimate, now what?
  • intYcentives
  • Q&A

Revenue goals

Revenue goals



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