This was our first webinar in the new Unlock Azure series hosted by our intY Pre-Sales Team. We looked at the new commerce experience, Azure Cost Management, and Azure Lighthouse. These functions within the Azure platform make it easier for you to analyse, scale and bill your customers’ Azure consumption.

New Commerce Experience
Our Pre-Sales team explain more about the new commerce experience for Azure and how this differs from the previous Azure experience. Learn more about the new Microsoft Customer Agreement, how to transition, and much more as Microsoft sets a deadline for the new commerce experience.

Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management aims to make it easier for you to analyse your customers’ cloud consumption and services costs, implement budgets and set up spend alerts. We will explain how this benefits your business, and even show you how this works in a live demonstration!

Azure Lighthouse
Find out more about how Azure Lighthouse provides capabilities for cross-customer management at scale, allowing you to differentiate services based on greater efficiency and automation with enhanced security.

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What’s the difference between Azure Cost Management & Cloudyn?

Microsoft acquired the Cloudyn cost management platform in 2017. After releasing Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn, Microsoft built its own version in the Azure portal which is still called Azure Cost Management.

Do I need to enable Azure Cost Management?

No, Azure Cost Management is on by default with the new Azure commerce experience.

Is this Cost Management feature rolled out yet and available to all partner?

Azure Cost Management is natively available to partners who have led their customers to accepting the Microsoft Customer Agreement and have purchased an Azure plan. More details to be found on this web page. 

Is there a tool to migrate my Cloudyn dashboards to Azure Cost Management?

No, but the process of replicating Cloudyn dashboards in Azure Cost Management is very similar. You’ll be able to take advantage of the integration with other Azure services and features, including Azure Policy, management groups and action groups.

Is Azure Cost Management now available for CSP?

Historically Azure Cost Management has been only available for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Pay-as-you-go customers, but you’ll be pleased to know it’s now globally available for CSP.

What data is included in the Azure Cost Management reporting, and how often is it refreshed?

Azure Cost Management includes Azure service, third-party Azure Marketplace usage and purchases including reservations. All costs are based on your negotiated prices, and data is refreshed every four hours.

Will monthly prices for Azure services change according to exchange rates?

Microsoft is using Thompson Reuters to determine the pricing currency and billing currency. These rates will be refreshed and available on the day before the first of the month to which they apply. 

What pricing will my client see?

The answer to this question will depend if you are a Trusted Advisor or Expert Partner. Please feel free to reach out to your intY Cloud Sales Specialist for further clarification. Alternatively, contact us here.  

What are the benefits of buying Azure through the new commerce experience?​

  • Automated processing and digital acceptance of the agreement
  • Accept your terms once and the agreement updates automatically as you purchase new services.
  • Intuitive portal for account and cost management, billing and invoicing.

Will there be a service interruption as I transition to the MCA?​

Azure services keep running without any interruption. Microsoft only transitions the billing relationship. This won’t impact any resource groups or resources themselves.

What products are covered by the New Commerce experience?​

All Azure services are available through a single catalogue with consistent prices across all channels.

How will partners accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement?

Partners will accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement in Microsoft Partner Centre.

Who can use Azure Lighthouse?

Any Azure customer or partner can use Azure Lighthouse.

What is Azure delegated resource management, and how does it relate to Azure Lighthouse?

Azure delegated resource management is the foundational management technology that powers Azure Lighthouse. This core technology enables customers to delegate and explicitly provision access for single or multiple service providers for defined resource scopes (including subscriptions and resource groups) for specific roles. It enables flexible customer onboarding via Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure Marketplace managed services offerings; simplified governance with Azure Policy and Azure Resource Graph; and cross-tenant management with access to services such as Azure Security Center and Service Health.

Do the Azure Lighthouse capabilities work for CSP providers and their existing CSP engagements?

Azure Lighthouse capabilities apply consistently across all licensing and sales channels. You can continue to work with CSPs and use valuable new management tools. For example, the cross and multi-customer managed service provider access framework enables granular access control and scope definition for CSPs – key to both customers and partners.

How do I start using Azure Lighthouse?

Either deploying an Azure Resource Manager template or Implementing a Marketplace managed application.

How much does Azure Lighthouse cost, and is it available to purchase within CASCADE or the Azure Portal?

Azure Lighthouse is free to use for all Azure customers, therefore it isn’t a CASCADE enabled product and can be found within the Azure portal. 

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