So, I have been tasked with answering the question – Who is Mo?

Fortunately for you, I won’t be talking about Mo Farah or Mo Salah, but Mo Santali: Head of Partner Concierge at intY.

Before we delve in, I would like to give an honorary mention to the BSc and MSc degrees, certifications and past experiences which have provided the cosmic acceleration for me to be in the position I find myself in today.

Having been involved in start-ups and transitioning organisations for some years, I have come to appreciate the value of communication – active communication. Active communication is what I look to bring to intY Partner Concierge, where we won’t only be known as a support-desk, but as a service who cares for the individual; I am all about the person at the other end of the phone or email. Whatever is in our direct control, we will fix, and what is not, we will try to influence.

I am a few months into my journey at intY and still full of enthusiasm to pursue world-class customer experiences for our partners, and world-class leadership for my team.

Fun Fact

  • I have recently got into renovating old wooden furniture - I am getting better!
  • A pressure washer is the answer to all your cleaning needs.
  • My blood group is Nando's Positive (N+)
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