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Symantec is recognised as a leader across five security technology magic quadrants. The Cloud holds incredible promise to make businesses more competitive, connected, and productive, and Symantec delivers on that promise…

Why Symantec?

Symantec is the leader in email security...

Operating one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, Symantec sees more threats, and protects more customers from the next generation of attacks, securing your clients’ most important data.

Get the whole range of first-class security...

Secure your customers’ email, web browsing and devices from the most advanced attacks to keep their data and business safe.

Get your hands on...

Symantec Email

Safeguard Microsoft Office 365, with the industry’s most complete email security solution

Symantec Web

Secure web gateway for cloud generation

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Protects users and critical assets with multi-layered security

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Uncover advanced threats across endpoints, networks and email

Email Threat Isolation

Provides a secure execution environment for web interactions

Symantec Email

Safeguard your email with the industry’s most complete email security solution. It blocks new and sophisticated email threats like ransomware, spear phishing, and business email compromise with multi-layered defence and insights from the world’s largest civilian global intelligence network.

Why choose Email

  • Block email threats with the highest effectiveness and accuracy.
  • Stop credential theft by rendering suspicious websites in read-only mode.
  • Protect against advanced email attacks such as ransomware.
  • Stop spear phishing emails with multiple layers of email protection & threat isolation.
  • Block the latest ransomware with content defence, sandboxing, and link protection technologies.
  • Defeat business email compromise with impersonation protection.
  • Apply insights gathered from the world’s largest global intelligence network.

Symantec Web

Always-on advanced malware protection and URL filtering. Symantec Web helps protect your organization from compromised websites and malicious downloads. Control, monitor and enforce Acceptable Use Policies for your organizations users, whether on-premises or away from the office.

Why choose Web

  • Blocks web-borne malware and spyware including 100% of known viruses.
  • Define and enforce granular web usage policy.
  • Customizable control of data leaving the network via the web.
  • Data protection policy to ensure confidential data does not leave the network.
  • Consistent policy and security for all users regardless of location.
  • Support for roaming and remote users.
  • Dependable service from the cloud.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Offer your customers the most up-to-date endpoint security service. Ensure they’re protected from the latest ransomware attacks with Symantec’s industry-leading security service.

Why choose Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud?

  • Blocks unknown threats and ransomware attacks.
  • Monitors application behaviour in real time and blocks suspicious files with SONAR™.
  • Ready to protect any device in under 5 minutes.
  • Protects users on any device, anywhere including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and servers.
  • Broad OS support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Stays ahead of threats with always-on security that is automatically updated.
  • Designed for small business budgets with an affordable pay-as-you-go model.
  • Delivered as a cloud-based service that requires no additional infrastructure investments.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

With the number of email-based spear phishing campaigns increasing by 55%, attackers target victims by attaching malicious files or embedding links to controlled websites. ATP Email works alongside Symantec’s existing anti-virus products and offers protection against more advanced types of threats, such as those contained within attachments or malicious links.

Why choose Symantec ATP: Email?

  • Identifies potential threats in attachments, runs them in a sandbox to uncover their behaviour and reports back the results.
  • Protection from malicious URLs by using real time link following.
  • Gain broad visibility into advanced and targeted attacks through rich threat intelligence.
  • Detailed reporting from Symantec on highly targeted email attacks against your organization.
  • Get a single comprehensive view of all advanced attack activity in your organization across your endpoints, email, networks, and web traffic in a singular solution.

Symantec Email Threat Isolation

Symantec Email Threat Isolation provides a secure execution environment for web interactions. When a user clicks a link in an email message, Email Threat Isolation separates the browser from the Internet and executes all potential threats. Only a safe visual stream is sent to the user.

Why choose Email Threat Isolation?

  • Add elevated levels of protection to Symantec Email Security with this bolt on service.
  • Prevent spear phishing attacks by isolating malicious links.
  • Stop credential theft by safely rendering webpages in read-only mode.
  • Shut down ransomware by shielding trusted applications from weaponized attachments.
  • Gain integrated cyber defence from a single vendor.
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