With end of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 fast approaching, we’re truly in the endgame and now is the time for your customers to start thinking about modernising their infrastructure.

Windows SQL Server 2008 support is due to EOL on July 9th 2019, with Windows Server 2008 support ending on January 14th 2020.

After these dates, Microsoft will no longer release security updates, which may expose your customers to security attacks or compliance risks with industry regulations such as GDPR.

Be a hero and help your customers avoid business disruptions and use this as an opportunity to modernise their IT infrastructure by moving it to the Microsoft cloud.

Along with optimising costs, reducing security threats, and increasing consistency across infrastructure, migrating to the Microsoft cloud increases scalability and flexibility for growing business’ or fluctuating capacity needs.

In addition, your customer’s security updates are extended meaning they get to protect their business data – and brand reputation.

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