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Email is the most common gateway for cyberattacks and email security solutions deflect over 100 million of these threats every day.

As an MSP, you’re constantly up against these threats, striving to protect your customers’ digital communications.

Phishing, spam, malware – it can feel relentless. The consequences of a successful breach are serious, it can disrupt businesses, damage reputations, and cause financial havoc.

You are on the front lines, standing between your customers and potential harm and it’s an ongoing challenge.

But with the right tools and expert support, you can bolster your customers’ email security, stand firm against ongoing threats, and protect them from future attacks.



Cover all bases with email protection

Effective email protection solutions give you all the advanced tools you need to keep communications safe. The most effective solutions cover:


  • Real-time threat updates keep you informed


  • Quickly identify and contain new threats


  • Centralise data for a clear and consolidated view


  • Meet regulatory compliance and preserve sensitive data


  • Reliable access to email, even during server outages


  • Protect against data loss and restore data quickly after disruptions

Email Protection Unpacked

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