The complex world of IT service delivery can feel overwhelming.

You have to manage operations, monitor security, keep on top of new cyber threats, and keep networks running smoothly.

All while ensuring every endpoint is safeguarded, communication channels are shielded, and you’re always prepared for a breach.

It’s a difficult balancing act.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

intY’s Network & Security solutions provide all the support you need,

Our carefully selected vendors bring robust security and rock-solid network stability.

With a powerful stack and our in-house experts by your side, you’ll not only be able to handle multiple services with ease, but also build the resilient business you want.



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Find the perfect balance of SaaS solutions

We’ll help you choose the best possible combination of Network & Security solutions, to ensure peak performance and total protection.

Our 5 essential categories cover everything you need:

  • Secure endpoints to protect customer devices

  • Strengthen email to shield against advanced threats

  • Safeguard systems with backup and disaster recovery

  • Secure internet browsing with web protection

  • Control access and security with identity management

Your stack unpacked:network and security needs explained

Need to know more about Network & Security solutions?

We’ve got the lowdown.

Build a custom stack tailored to your needs

Our solutions provide full network and security protection, so you can manage risks with ease and deliver superior services to your customers.

With years of experience, we understand your challenges, and can build a stack around your specific needs.

With the right solutions and our expert support, you can deliver outstanding services, beat the competition and take your business to new heights.

Get expert help from intY

We’re here to support you with all the guidance, tools and resources you need:

Industry experts

We provide advice and support for your specific needs.

Security review

We’ll evaluate and strengthen your network and security setup.

Vendor matching

We’ll find the perfect vendor for your business and customers.

Build your skills

We can provide the knowledge and training your team needs to succeed.

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