Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you connect customers to their wider Microsoft environment, their co-workers, and their external stakeholders.

Our CSP services don’t only help MSPs and Resellers deliver their Teams solutions; they provide the support, training and Go-to-Market assistance made possible by one of Microsoft’s highly exclusive Priority Partners.

intY’s Modern Workplace Practice assists MSPs and Resellers in upskilling, planning, and marketing their Microsoft Teams solution.

    • Expertly delivering Microsoft services since 1997
    • A dedicated team of Microsoft experts offering sales, support and technical assistance
    • Provide a central communications solution compatible across customers’ entire Microsoft workplace
    • Unite your customers’ Hybrid Cloud, providing solutions for remote and on-prem workers seamlessly
    • Upsell as a value-add to your customers’ Microsoft solutions
    • Our team of business specialists provide the support that only one of Microsoft’s exclusive Priority Partners can.
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The Benefits
of Microsoft Teams

Teams is where the Modern Workplace happens; providing a centralised space for communications, files, applications and data. For any customer working in a Microsoft environment – especially one looking to migrate to the Hybrid Cloud – Teams is nothing less than essential.


Your Business: Your Customer:
Deploys a company-wide comms solution with evolving opportunities for expansion

Retains customer commitment by uniting their Microsoft licensing, comms and apps

Attracts customers with a more flexible, cost-effective comms solution

Secure monthly recurring revenue through wrap-around managed service offerings

Unites users and deploys an all-encompassing comms solutionIntegrate a comms solution with growing compatibility across popular third-party apps

Can leverage Teams Voice to transform and modernise their business comms

Economises their comms solution with a cost-effective, manageable approach to payment

Is serviced by an exceptional MSP, supported by Microsoft experts


Deliver closely-knit comms with far-reaching potential, using Teams’ connective and collaborative approach to modern working.

Our Modern Workplace Practice ensures that whatever your customer needs from their Microsoft Teams, you provide it with specialist partner support.

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Our Cloud

As a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, accredited to Gold Partner level by Microsoft’s own high service standards, few distributors can provide Microsoft products to our high standards of efficiency.

The intY Approach

We keep customers close and their users closer, delivering personable CSP services that focus on your teams, not your technologies.

intY’s approach to CSP delivery incorporates the enabling, accelerating and elevating of the sales process with continuous support before and after those successful sales pitches. Our unique approach encompasses:


Enrolling users in the Microsoft Partner Centre, providing access to and understanding of their partner benefits, and introducing learning paths to Silver and Gold Accreditation.

Learning & Development Planning

Introducing users to Technical Enablement Consultants, creating development plans and easing users into their Microsoft Silver and Gold accreditation journeys.


Identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, leveraging client databases and utilising Microsoft’s marketing collateral to launch campaigns that captivate and convert.

Sales Cycle Support

Providing end-user training, product demonstrations for users and their clients, conducting exclusive sales events and securing valuable business wins.

intY’s Modern Workplace Practice
comprises certified Microsoft Specialists, helping you:

  • Assess, discover and deliver on exceptional Microsoft Sales opportunities
  • Identify solutions and opportunities for your business and your customer
  • Retain clients and build trust with ongoing and evolving after-sales opportunities
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Our Modern Workplace Practice lives and breathes Cloud connectivity, tight communication and team collaboration. For Microsoft users, Teams is essential to the holistic Hybrid workplace. Speak to a member our Modern Workplace Practice today and deliver perfect Teams solutions for any and all customer needs.

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