What is Microsoft NCE?

The New Commerce Experience introduces seat-based cloud offerings for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Power Platform.  During the introduction of the NCE, Microsoft has been working to streamline processes and make new offers available to partners and their customers.

What does this mean for MSPs?

What does this mean for MSPs?


  • Different pricing for products based on your customers commitment level (monthly, annually or multiyear), with shorter commitment levels pushing premium pricing.


  • Enforcement of cancellation rules around licenses and renewal dates and the requirement to pay until the end of the commitment period.

Windows 365 is available on a monthly commitment without a 20% premium

Ability to schedule changes to a subscription at the point of renewal in advance

Add-ons can be purchased without the base product being available

Provision Through CASCADE

Provision Through CASCADE


The development team here at intY have been working hard to bring you the ability to transact under NCE as quickly as possible, and we’re pleased to say that CASCADE Marketplace is now compatible with Microsoft NCE.

For more information on provisioning NCE Licences in CASCADE, please reach out to the team.

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This eBook provides you with an overview of NCE, timeline of key dates, the promotions on offer, differences in subscription terms, new features that NCE will now include and what you can do to ensure your customers are prepared for this transitional period.

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