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Cloud migrations are no longer “the future” within an organisation’s IT roadmap, as cloud computing has now become the new norm. But for some, the marvel of the cloud is uncharted territory and making the move can be a scary thought.

Let’s master the move to Azure together! You’re invited to get hands-on with Azure in an Azure Migration Lab with intY and Microsoft on Wednesday 7th June, from 9.00 am – 1.15 pm EST.

On the day, we’ll be utilising a customer case study to provide context for different Migration scenarios you might face in your own business.

You’ll learn how to leverage tools like Azure Migrate, Database Migration Service, and Azure Site Recovery to migrate and modernise the on-premises servers and databases to the Azure cloud.


Introduction to Infrastructure Migration 20 minutes
Objectives and Description of the Workshop
- Migrating Windows & SQL Server workloads
- Migrate and modernise Linux & OSS DB workloads to Azure.
- Run workloads anywhere with Azure cloud services.
40 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Registering environments and get started with Hands-on-Lab 10 minutes
Demo on how to perform the lab (Explaining & performing the lab in screen share) 1 hour
Continuation of performing the hands-on-lab 2 hours

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