This was our third webinar in a series for lesser-known Office 365 applications, hosted by our intY Pre-Sales Team. We looked at Planner and OneNote and how it can help your customers become more organised and productive.

With Planner, you can take the chaos out of teamwork and make your customers more productive. Make it easy to create new plans, organize, assign tasks and share files. Customers can chat about what they are working on, and get updates on progress, with co-authoring and comments functionalities.

  • Get organised quickly – easy to use and visual
  • Work together effortlessly – transparent and collaborative
  • Never miss a beat – available across all devices and email notifications


OneNote allows your customers to be more organised and creative. They can create notes that include text, tables, pictures, and drawings. Notebooks can be divided into sections and pages, with easy navigation and search capabilities.

  • Highlight notes with ‘Important’ and ‘To-Do’ tags
  • Draw and annotate your notes using a stylus or finger
  • Record audio notes, insert online videos, and add files
  • Share notebooks with co-workers

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Planner FAQ

Can a group have more than one plan?

You can create multiple plans for a group via Planner integration within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Microsoft will support creating multiple plans from the Planner web app in the near future. In addition to creating multiple plans per group, you can also consider using tasks and checklists together to plan different workstreams or set up buckets to split up the work.

How do I create a new plan based on an existing one?

This functionality is in development and not yet available in Planner.

How do I close or archive a plan when it's done?

Option 1: Remove yourself from the plan. If you’re not the administrator, you can leave the plan, which removes it from your Planner hub. The plan’s files, tasks, conversations, and other elements are left in place. If you are the plan administrator, you can’t remove yourself from the plan.

Option 2: Delete the plan. If you’re the administrator, you can edit the group to delete the plan. Before you do this, make sure that no one else is using the group for things outside of Planner. There is no way to recover a plan (or its files, conversations, and other data) after it has been deleted. Consider saving the group’s files to another location, and copying any critical information from the group’s conversations and OneNote notebook to another location, before deleting the group.

Can I print plans or tasks in Planner?

You can’t print plans or tasks from Planner yet.

Where are the files kept in Planner?

Planner plans are associated with Office 365 Groups, and the files for Office 365 Groups are stored in an associated SharePoint document library. To find your Planner files, select the three dots to the right of the plan name (…), then choose Files.

How do I provide feedback on Planner on Microsoft?


Does planner works with Microsoft Project?

Yes, Microsoft Project does work with Microsoft Planner.

Is there a way you can retrieve a deleted plan?

Unfortunately, a deleted plan cannot be retrieved.

OneNote FAQ

Are there different versions of OneNote?

Yes, at the moment there are nine different OneNote versions: OneNote 2016 (Office version), OneNote 2016 (Free version), OneNote Online (browser version), OneNote Windows 10  app, OneNote for MacOS, OneNote for iPad, OneNote for iPhone (different features than iPad version), OneNote for Android and OneNote for Windows 10 mobile (not maintained any more and probably discontinued after end of support for W10 mobile).

Can I continue using OneNote 2016?

OneNote 2016 isn’t going anywhere. You can continue using it for as long as you want, even if you upgrade to Office 2019. During this time, Microsoft will continue to service OneNote 2016 with bug fixes, security updates, and other critical improvements, but no new features will be added. We strongly encourage you to start using OneNote for Windows 10 for the latest Microsoft have to offer (you can run both Windows apps side-by-side).

What does this mean for OneNote for Mac?

OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iOS (iPhone and iPad), OneNote for Android, and OneNote for the web — are unchanged. These versions will continue to receive updates about once a month.

Is OneNote free to download?

Yes, you may download OneNote without owning a MS Office license or subscription from the Mac App Store, Google Play store or iOS App store for free. 

Where are OneNote books stored?

They’re stored in OneDrive.

How do I delete a OneNote notebook in Teams?

This can be done from the SharePoint site the Teams channel is connected to. SharePoint is the document management backbone of Teams.

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