This was our sixth webinar in our series for lesser-known Office 365 applications, hosted by our intY Pre-Sales Team. We looked at how Microsoft Bookings can add value and increase productivity and collaboration within your customers' business.

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for businesses that provides an online appointment booking facility. 

Make it easier for a customer to book an appointment, automatically send booking confirmation email and reminders. With Microsoft Bookings users can see all their bookings, access customer lists and embed Bookings pages on their website or social media. 

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Microsoft Bookings FAQs

What is the licensing structure of Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is available through the following Office 365 SKU’s: Business Premium, E3 and E5. 

Where can I take bookings?

Customers can see the available services and book appointments any time directly on the scheduling page, on the business web site or Facebook.

Dose Microsoft Bookings integrate with Outlook?

You can synchronise work calendars with Bookings. From the Office 365 app launcher, select Bookings. Select the staff member whose calendar you want to sync with Bookings. In the Availability section, select Events on personal calendar availability, and then click Save.

Is Microsoft Bookings HIPPA compliant?

Yes, Bookings is HIPPA compliant.

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