Partner Insights provides real time accurate data on licensing utilisation, cost and adoption in client meetings to showcase where we can drive license value, and services.
— Roger Burgess
Director Scoria Tech

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Data driven insight on demand

Millions of data calls feed into Partner Insights, all in real time thanks to Microsoft Azure, HD Insights, Kafka, and a bit of our secret sauce to bring everything together. All that data is then pulled into an intuitive, easy to understand visual display that gives a real overview of a client’s digital workplace.

View license usage like never before

Check your client’s adoption rates across the Microsoft Office 365 suite, see how many malware attacks Symantec has stopped, and feel reassured by seeing just how many files Acronis has backed up — all in real time. intY Partner Insights™ allows you to really understand your clients’ digital workplace increasing their reach, frequency and yield.

Drive customer adoption

Your customers may already be using cloud services, but are they actually utilising all the features that they are paying for? With intY Partner Insights™ you can view the adoption of key cloud services, identify opportunities to increase usage and help to digitally transform your customers business.

Identify missed opportunities

By looking at the data, not only will you be able to provide evidence and benefits of existing products, you will be able to suggest and cross-sell the best additional products to your customers, backing up that recommendation with data that is unique to their business.

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We are offering exclusive demos of Partner Insights now!  Register your details and we will be in contact to book the best time for you.

Partner Insights benefits

Real-time data 24/7/365

All your customers data in one place

Easily identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Generate new monthly recurring revenue

Transform your customer’s business

Use our License Calculator to predict profit margins

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