What is the Agency Model?

Through our Agency model, we allow partners to access impressive new revenue streams with ease. This customer referral model means you introduce your customer to a vendor, and the vendor then quotes, deploys and bills your customer directly.

What’s in it for you? You benefit from a one-off incentive bonus for qualifying deals, PLUS a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the service.

Agency Model Key Benefits

Access to leading Unified Communication & Network providers

Industry backed providers include Zoom, RingCentral, 8×8, GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) and many more.

Vendor agnostic approach

Don’t miss out on deals; it allows you to take a more vendor-agnostic approach without the need to upskill.

No need to upskill

Vendors do all of the hard work, including the sales process, deployment, invoicing and support. All you need to do is provide the vendor a customer referral.

Lucrative model

With the support of the vendor, you get to have more time to focus on selling into new verticals whilst benefiting from a one-off incentive bonus for qualifying leads.

Also, enjoy a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the service.

The Agency Model is a lucrative model giving partners the opportunity to work alongside the vendor to help them close sales. Partners can free up time to focus on making referrals whilst taking away the pains of upskilling technical support, sales and billing. With the support of the vendor, the partner can sell into larger organisations, new verticals and new products quickly and easily
— Amy Smith
Agency Lead and Account Director, intY

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: You identify a sales opportunity

Whether it’s via direct sales or organic leads, you identify new UCaaS, CCaaS or connectivity sales opportunities from within your customer base and pass them onto us.

For example, you provide 3rd Line Technical Support for a contact centre that isn’t happy with their current integrated VOIP service provider and are open to alternative products. You know the Agency Model offers this as standard, so you inform us of the opportunity.

Step 2: We provide you with our vendor info

Vendor selection is all about maintaining core functionality and providing a better service to your customers. Products and services differ from vendor to vendor, so we’ll provide you with all necessary information that will allow you to select the most suitable provider.

Step 3: You select the vendor

Once you’re satisfied that the vendor is most appropriate for your customers’ requirements, based on various key deliverables and budgetary requirements, you’ll log your opportunities on the chosen vendors portal.

Step 4: Vendor qualifies the opportunity

Once the opportunity has been converted, the vendor will liaise directly with you and your customer by having a scoping call to qualify your requirements. They will then implement their solution. Vendors offer an end-to-end service that includes consultation, provisioning, and support.

Step 5: You get paid!

As soon as the service has been rolled out successfully, we’ll pay you a commission fee and any applicable incentives for identifying the opportunity. It’s that simple. Sit back, relax… and let the vendors do all the hard work!

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

You’ve identified the opportunity, it’s been successfully implemented, and you’ve been paid. What next?

The vendor will allocate you a Partner Manager whose sole job it is to keep you and your customers happy. Both intY and the vendor will help you grow your business by providing go-to-market support like Marketing, guidance on future opportunities, information on competencies, training, and upskilling, as well as a dedicated commission query team who are on hand to help with any commission-related issues.

The simple Go-to-Market model

The simple Go-to-Market model

To keep things running smoothly, we’re here to facilitate the commercial relationship only. There’s no middleman.

All the support you receive as a partner comes direct from the experts. You’ll raise tickets through the vendors own support channels and any maintenance is dealt with directly by the vendor as part of their cloud-based offering.

There is a saying: ‘revenue is vanity and margin is sanity. Partners are understanding now that they need sanity in their business, especially following a challenging year. Having regular revenue at 100% gross margin is great for planning and supporting a P&L. It also increases a company’s valuation due to higher bottom line margins.
— Marcus Ollenbuttel
Senior Vice President, intY

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