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Understand your Azure potential – and then exceed it.

With our Azure Practice by your side, MSPs can deliver exceptional Azure solutions, whatever the skill level. From accreditation to marketing, after-sales and beyond, with the Azure Practice team of specialists, you know your solutions are expertly enabled.

    • Expertly delivering Microsoft services since 1997
    • Accredited Microsoft Gold Partners with Azure Cloud Service Partner status
    • A Microsoft Priority Partner and fastest-growing Indirect Provider in Azure
    • A dedicated team of Azure experts
    • Sales, support and technical assistance
    • Exclusive commercial programmes from intY and Microsoft
    • intY’s Azure Practice brings together Microsoft Azure experts for one single goal: to aid resellers through the learning, planning and implementation of every Azure solution.
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Endless Enablement
for You and Your Customers

Microsoft Azure makes transformative technologies more accessible than ever, delivering cost-effective, Cloud-enabled solutions that ensure no technology is beyond a business’ reach.

With support from our Azure Practice, MSPs and Resellers can recognise the endless opportunities of Azure – and deliver them with confidence.

Offer anything. With Azure, you can virtualise powerful technologies via the Cloud – delivering solutions that would otherwise been untenable for you and your customers.

Provide scalable solutions that are costed proportionately. Azure makes selling and implementing attractive by adjusting to your customers’ capacity.

Offer value-added Microsoft services and make upselling easy and attractive. Azure makes it easy to enter customers into its powerful Cloud portal.

Expand customer infrastructure with no hardware costs or deployment strategies. With Azure, their IT expands exponentially and virtually.

Our Cloud

As an Indirect Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), accredited to Gold Partner level by Microsoft’s own high service standards, few distributors can provide Microsoft products to our high standards of efficiency.

The intY Approach

We’re more than just a CSP.

Our approach to Azure delivery is different. You’ve access to training, resources and expertise that other resellers don’t – with a team of Azure specialists assisting you through:


Understand Azure, familiarise yourself with its capabilities and become certified in all the relevant partner statuses and accreditations


Support on sales opportunities, creating scalable Azure solutions and best pricing practices that create Azure offerings and attract customers without compromising ROI


Solution design and development support and on-going technical assistance for all your Azure opportunities and migrations


Creating marketing strategies, collateral and incentives with a combination of intY and Microsoft marketing resources

The intY CSP Partnership

intY has been a Microsoft CSP since since 1997, delivering both the expected Cloud services, plus exceptional added support for everything before and after implementation.

A high-level management portal in Cascade – which makes it easy to curate the right Cloud solutions for you and your customers.

Consistent customer satisfaction based on our ongoing support, knowledge and services.

A people-first upskilling scheme, training users to Microsoft’s high levels of service and understanding.

A team of professional pre-sales advisers helping you navigate the after-market challenges surrounding Azure.

Exclusive sales opportunities, developed in close partnership with Microsoft.

Data-led sales opportunities with intY Partner Insights; a holistic view of your customers’ Cloud consumption.


Discover an evolving Cloud platform and deliver cutting-edge Cloud technologies. Learn the full, transformative extent of our Azure Practice services by arranging a consultation today.

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Meet the Team

Our Azure Practice brings together technical, marketing and customer service experts to help you understand, sell and implement Azure as part of your product line-up.

Emily Whelan  Azure Practice Lead & Account Director

“I lead our Microsoft Azure Practice and am responsible for making sure that our MSPs get an unparalleled level of service and expertise from us. My team and I are committed to simplifying Microsoft Azure for our partners, ensuring that they have the confidence to deliver the latest in Modern technologies to their customers.”

Tom Button  Senior Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer

“I am responsible for providing engineering and pre-sales support to our partners with Microsoft Azure. I support MSPs through deep dive sessions and solution design and development, to ensure they are delivering the best fit solutions to their customers.”

Edward Milsom Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer

“I am responsible for providing engineering and pre-sales support to our partners within Microsoft Azure. I have expertise in traditional on-premises environments and networks, allowing me to have deep and strategic conversations around on-premises cloud migrations.”

Theo Breet Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer

“I am responsible for providing engineering and pre-sales support to our partners within Microsoft Azure to support them with their technical learning journeys. I have expertise in Microsoft Azure learning and development roadmaps, and I specialise in Azure PaaS solutions, helping partners understand and make the transition from IaaS to PaaS workloads.”

Max Chamberlain  Microsoft Go-to-Market Consultant

“I provide Go to Market and sales consultancy within Microsoft Azure. I work with partners to make sure they have access to all the resources necessary to build a successful Go to Market strategy. I specialise in Azure commercials and assist partners with designing and building out a comprehensive cloud offering.”

Mini Ginis  Business Development Manager

“I am responsible for supporting our partners with their first steps into Azure, ensuring partners have had comprehensive Azure onboarding training and can access the tools they need to start their Azure GTM strategy. I specialise in Azure readiness and how to upsell customers from Modern Workplace to Azure.”

Katherine Hamilton Microsoft Product Marketing Executive

“I am responsible for Microsoft Azure partner and product marketing. I work with the Azure Practice team and our partners to ensure we are delivering content that is easy to understand and useful – keeping them up to date with the latest offers, incentives, and commercial programmes.”

Take Your Cloud Capabilities Further

Deliver specialised Azure solutions, extend your product portfolio and provide customer solutions that separate you from your competitors. With intY’s Azure Practice, Microsoft’s powerful Cloud portal is your biggest customer retainer.

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