What is Enterprise Vault?

Keep up with all the latest regulatory requirements whilst monitoring communications in a cost-effective way.

Veritas’ solution has introduced the Enterprise Vault with Merge 1, Advanced Supervision, Flexible Deployment, and Archiving and eDiscovery.

Endorsed by Microsoft, the Enterprise Vault lowers the risk of data breaches while also providing a simple solution to managing your customer’s data.

Enterprise Vault Key Benefits

Aid Your Data Storage Needs

Boost data retention from on-premises, the public cloud, or a hybrid configuration using the Flexible deployment feature to aid in your data storage needs.

Optimised Archiving & Discovery

Elevate your archiving needs with a quicker response rate and optimised records management with the Archiving & eDiscovery features.

Integrated Communication Sources

Integrate all your communication sources stress-free with Enterprise Vault, and enjoy archiving from 120+ content sources to reduce the risk for your organisation.

Advanced Supervision Feature

Allow for faster, easier, and more intellectual supervision of data with the Advanced Supervision feature.

Key Services of Veritas Managed Enterprise Vault

In order to provide comprehensive 24/7 monitoring, Veritas offers the ability to remotely protect your customer's data as well as enhance management by using the Enterprise Vault.

With Veritas’ Managed Services, Enterprise Vault solutions can be deployed and managed from a public or hybrid cloud environment. This streamlined strategy allows for customers to focus on business first whilst maintaining the defence of their archiving technology.

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