What is Veritas?

Veritas is a leader in data protection having been named the 16-time leader within their industry. They are proud to provide solutions for your customers’ email archiving needs. By aiming to provide an ideal archive management experience, Veritas offers better compliance with peace of mind and precision with their Enterprise Vault solution.

Why sell Veritas?

Located Communication

Archive social media posts, team collaborated projects, email campaigns, messages, and voice memos all within one easy platform.

Automatic Archiving

Archive your work whilst retaining the most important aspect of your organisation – its data.

Strategic Classifications

Find relevant information and data all optimised for privacy, supervision, and any legal requirements.

Enterprise Vault

  • Enterprise Vault allows for the workability to archive all data from any environment.
  • When it comes to monitoring communication across your team, Veritas' Advanced Supervision tool, lowers costs and effort.
  • With hundreds of pre-configured policies and patterns, Arching and eDiscovery have never been more optimised to organise content accordingly.

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