Originally founded in 2004, SCB Global has been delivering industry-leading solutions natively integrated into Microsoft Teams and hosted in Azure since early 2019. With 17 years+ of telco experience and 11+ years of delivering Microsoft voice solutions, SCB Global has over 500,000 monthly active users globally.

With its OPTO solutions natively integrated into Microsoft Teams and hosted in Azure, SCB Global helps enterprises in 3 key areas:


Delivering workplace transformation with an extensive range of advanced Teams features such as contact centre, FMS, compliance call recording and global calling plans.


Connecting traditional offices with a single solution, no matter where in the world they are.


Providing solutions that give the remote worker enterprise-grade feature tools and advanced compliance to truly deliver the remote office.

Product Overview


  • OPTO4Teams combines Cloud PBX capabilities with Microsoft Teams - designing, managing and deploying customised Teams solutions to meet the needs of each business.
  • Native cloud calling inside Teams from global Azure POPs.
  • Extensive global coverage in 63 countries with international numbering in 182 countries.
  • Customised hybrid solutions to meet every enterprise’s needs.
  • Seamless integration with critical CRM tools and business applications.


  • OPTO4Contact cloud makes contact centres more efficient, delivering powerful features both within and outside of Microsoft.
  • Unifies the Microsoft Teams experience.
  • Creates and configures customer journeys.
  • Empowers agents to work from anywhere.
  • Intelligent callback from any digital channel.
  • Secure, quick to deploy and easy to use.


  • OPTO4Edge SD-WAN solution speaks the language of applications, taking distributed software-defined networking to new heights.
  • Increases network availability for optimised application performance.
  • Provides advanced resilience and security for remote workers.
  • Protects any network from cyber threats with built-in security.
  • Simplifies network operations with automated cloud-based management.
  • Reduces service provider and on-premises hardware costs.

Why sell SCB Global?

Why sell SCB Global?

As a leading global name in multinational business data and telecom solutions, SCB Global has a long-established reputation as a quality provider of SIP, direct routing and data connectivity.

SCB Global delivers an extensive range of advanced Microsoft Teams features such as contact centre, SMS, compliant call recording and global calling plans from over 182 countries,

SCB Global delivers industry-leading Microsoft Teams-integrated solutions and enables workplace transformation. A Microsoft Teams solution from SCB Global provides a single pane for all business activities, including meetings, calling, chat and web conferencing.

SCB Global has the edge in providing Microsoft Teams and SD-WAN solutions for the enterprise. It delivers workplace transformation for the dynamic workforce and breaks down communication silos through its OPTO portfolio of products.

SCB Global’s single vendor approach makes it the smart choice for:

  • Global collaboration.
  • Secure remote working.
  • Optimised communications.

Benefits of selling SCB Global as a Partner:

  • Build new revenue streams and add value to your business.

  • Receive expert support with your sales cycle and solution deployment.

  • SCB can offer customised Unified Communications solutions to meet the different needs of your customers.

  • Provide a solution to your customers that enables their onsite PBX to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

  • Access industry-leading global communications technology and advanced AI.

Sell SCB Global via our Agency Model

Get access to exclusive new revenue streams with ease.

By partnering with SCB Global through our Agency model, you’ll gain access to SD-WAN and SASE capabilities without having to deploy, bill or support them.

Earn monthly commissions while the vendor does all the hard work – what’s not to like!

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