Capture all Microsoft Teams interactions including: internal, inbound, outbound and mobile calls, video conferencing, screen-sharing and chat with Clarify from Oak Innovation. Every single file is encrypted, securely stored, and easy to find for analysis, training and compliance purposes.

Call Compliance Simplified

Add Microsoft Teams call recording to your offering and increase the revenue you can make from Microsoft teams. Clarify taps into Microsoft Teams enabling your customer to record all customer facing interactions and securely store every Voice, Video or Chat interaction in a fully FCA/PCI DSS/MiFID II/GDPR/HIPAA compliant solution.

Whether your customer is in the medical industry, legal industry or any other regulated industry Clarify from Oak Innovation has them covered.

Features and Benefits

There are several features and benefits when you or your customers deploy Oak Innovation’s Clarify call recording software. These include protection benefits for industries that require compliance recording, speech analysis, quality measurement, CRM integration and more.

Call Compliance

All call recording solutions through Oak are FCA, PCI DSS, MiFID II, GDPR and HIPAA compliant as soon as they’re used. This ensures that no matter your customers’ needs for their industry, Oak have them covered, whether your customer is in the medical industry, legal industry, run a call centre or any other regulated industry.

  • FCA, PCI DSS, MiFID II, GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Protection benefits for industries requiring compliance

Quality Management Tools

Whether your customer runs a call centre, are part of a legal team or something else, they’ll often require quality management tools. Oak offer a range to allow customers to score performance based on individuals, departments, and so on, ensuring that they’re capturing the data they need to improve their performance. And if your customers need transcriptions, reports, or alerts when it comes to recorded calls, Oak have them covered. Their sophisticated AIs can relieve customers of having to manually intervene and deliver the results they need.

  • Speech analysis for calls

Training and Analysis

As well as providing compliant recording the same tool can be used to train your staff. Your customers are able to analyse transcripts and with the assistance of automated scoring with Clarify to help train and develop their staff further to improve service.

  • Quality and score performance measuring tools

Intelligent Search and Playback

Having a stack of data capture is great but how do you access it? Clarify’s intelligent search and playback feature, makes it easy to find specific recordings that your customers needs, such as voice calls or written conversations by agents with their end customers. With options such as tags, flags and notes to make filtering easy, they can find the answers they want from recordings, when they want them.

  • Tag and flag conversations for easier filtering

Secure Storage and File Sharing

Clarify compliance recording runs in the background of Microsoft Teams, ensuring that every interaction is recorded and securely stored. Your customers can be safe in the knowledge that their files are always kept secure and GDPR compliant.

Your customers can also provide time-limited access to specific Clarify records to internal staff or external clients in a secure environment, avoiding the need to email large data files via an insecure agent.

  • GDPR-compliant storage options
  • Time-limited access options available

Sharing Data Analytics

Take your data analytics to the next level when Clarify is integrated into your CRM. With Call Journey speech analytics checking recordings for key words, script adherence and emotions, it’s possible to use Clarify to ensure that your customers staff are remaining on-message and on-brand when calling. Send voice transcriptions to Microsoft Insights or other CRMs and track performance, identify compliance risks and more with Clarify.

  • CRM integration

Why choose Oak Innovation?

Oak Innovation provide consultancy and project management as part of the deployment process. Their aim is to simplify your deployment and ensure your customers are getting the best system in place. It has never been easier to deploy a call recording solution with Clarify.

Best-in-Class Integrations for most phone platforms

Simple Set Up

On-site or Remote Site Audits Available

Simple Migration of Call Management or Recording Data

Project Management Options Available

“As head of compliance at Jobserve, I know that our Oak solution ticks all the legal boxes both in principle and in practise. In fact, we’ve been so pleased with our call recording system that we’ve installed it at one of our sister businesses, Colchester Utd Football Club, and also at our Atlanta office in the US"
— Alan Swan, Jobserve
IT Compliance Advisor
“Every one of our sales team is now better at what they do. If that accounts for just 2 or 3 more bookings a year each, then we have achieved a return on our Oak investment within 12 months. But more than that, we understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what makes successful communications."
— Oliver Green, Dae
Managing Director

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