The Simple, Smart CRM for Microsoft 365

As an intY Partner, your customers can use Nimble to build better relationships everywhere they work.

More and more businesses are looking for a CRM solution that is more cost effective and enables them as a business to become more agile.

Nimble is the only CRM that builds itself for you from anywhere on the web, working natively alongside Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Nimble also integrates with 250+ business applications and social media platforms to collate contacts across apps into one easy-to-use CRM.

How Nimble Can Help Your Customers

You can now sell Nimble with intY and enable your customers to find out who their main prospects are, profile them and manage their pipeline.

Automate Your Sales and Marketing

Nimble also helps with Sales and Marketing Automation, using AI to automatically create and update contact records to ensure that they are always up to date.

Improve Your Sales Pipeline

Manage unlimited, customizable pipelines within Nimble and enable each member of the team to have access to the same deal or project-related information. Automatically link tasks, events, and communication history to each opportunity.

Remote Solutions

As more businesses are looking for solutions that enable them to work remotely, Nimble allows your customers to work smarter everywhere they work by accessing their CRM data from anywhere on the web: including within their inbox, on social platforms, favorite business apps, and on any webpage.

Understand Your Data

Provide the perfect platform to enable customers to gain a true understanding of their data and how this data can help them grow as a business.

Be Nimble

Simply unify contacts

Nimble automatically combines contacts, social media connections, communications, inboxes, and calendar appointments with over 250+ apps into one unified relationship manager.

Work smarter everywhere

The Nimble Prospector browser extension lets your customers access the benefits of their CRM from everywhere they work – including inboxes, social platforms, on websites, and any web browser app.

Engage more effectively

Customers can send trackable, templated emails to see opens and clicks and identify follow-up opportunities, view desktop notifications, and access analytics.

Manage teams tasks

Your customers can stay on top of their team’s to-do’s, events, calls, and more with one unified activity tracking dashboard.

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How To Purchase Nimble and Other FAQs

How do I purchase Nimble?

Nimble is purchased through Azure Marketplace.

In order to purchase, your customer must have an Azure subscription, this can be created through Cascade by ordering the zero cost Azure tile. Once purchased any billing for the product appears under your Azure consumption, billed in arrears.

Reach out to your intY account manager to engage Nimble in discovery before purchasing through Marketplace.

Once the licence has been purchased, your end customer will receive a confirmation email saying their account is active. They can access it through the app

Does your end user need an Azure account?

Yes. If your customer doesn’t have an account, please order Azure in Cascade and our provisioning team will do the rest.

What counts as a contact in Nimble?

A contact is any named company or person record in your Nimble database.

How much storage do I have per licence?

Each team member receives 1 GB of storage.

For Business plans, each team member will have 2GB of storage. If you or a team member reaches this limit, you will be prompted to upgrade to the Enterprise plan which will give 20GB per user.

Where do you store my data?

It’s stored in Nimble’s tenant and in their US data centers. Nimble are also GDPR compliant.

When am I billed for user licenses?

intY will start to bill you once you have added and used your licences. Nimble services will be added to your monthly Azure bill and billed in arrears.

What are your cancellation terms?

You can cancel this service at any time.

I'm interested in finding out more about Nimble, what do I do next?

Please reach out to your intY Account Manager who can provide you with an overview of Nimble and arrange an initial call with Nimble. Nimble can then provide you with a full demo of the product.

Who provides support?

Nimble will provide full support. For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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