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Cloud migrations are no longer “the future” within an organisation’s IT roadmap, as cloud computing has now become the new norm. But for some, the marvel of the cloud is uncharted territory and making the move can be a scary thought. 

Whether you’ve just started exploring Azure or you’re looking to expand and optimise your existing one, intY’s Azure Practice is here to support and enable you with all the tools, knowledge and ability to guide you and your customers on their cloud migration journey. 

Why should I move to Azure?

Why should I move to Azure?

One of the main focuses of moving to the cloud is infrastructure migrations to public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure.

On-premises infrastructure is finite. It has a use-by date, generally has fixed resource capacity, and keeping the infrastructure running efficiently requires ongoing maintenance by a skilled engineer. If you also add in the cost of powering and cooling this hardware, you can see why many customers are considering the move of their infrastructure into the cloud.

Benefits of migrating to Azure

There are several options available to relocate your IT infrastructure to the cloud. Here at intY, we believe Azure is the most logical public cloud for you to utilise. Here are some of the reasons why: 

Hybrid Approach

Unlike competitors, Azure is designed to encourage a hybrid approach to your IT infrastructure.  

Azure empowers customers to move what they need to move into the cloud and maintain a hybrid on-premises and cloud setup. 

 Taking this approach enables customers to walk before they run and see all the benefits of cloud migrations in a staggered process. 

Cost Savings

Cloud migrations in general can save your customers money by utilising a “use what you need” OPEX model, rather than the traditional on-premises CAPEX expenditure model. 

In addition, Azure offers numerous cost optimisation options* such as Reserved Instances, Azure Savings Plan, and Azure Hybrid Benefit, which can save you between 30% to 65% on your compute, storage and Windows/SQL licensing costs.

*For more information on any of these cost optimisation options, please get in touch with intY’s Azure Practice. 

Increased Security

Security is at the forefront of all IT messaging due to ever increasing and improving threats. Azure is considered the most trusted cloud platform with Azure native security tools to cover all bases and constantly monitor, prevent, and provide recommendations across all security considerations. 


In recent years, businesses have experienced high levels of change in how they operate, resulting in a lot of need for quick change.  

With cloud computing, you can adapt to changes swiftly by deploying or removing resources as and when you require them. 

This ability keeps your customers agile in their market and ensures they are only paying for what they really need at any given point. 


Azure Expertise at the ready

We’re focused solely on one mission – to simplify Azure and help MSPs grow their own cloud practices. Besides the inherent benefits of migrating to Azure, intY’s Azure Practice offer a number of tools, resources and programmes to help develop your knowledge, going to market with an Azure-based solution or scoping, deploying and supporting your customers’ cloud migration projects.
Our ground-breaking five-stage programme, built around partner growth and powered by our established Azure Practice, is here to help with all things Azure. Azure Ascend aims to accelerate your Azure knowledge through interactive sessions with our team of experts, which you can use to help deploy your migrated infrastructure in Azure and educate your customers on how to do the same!

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