What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an industry-leading cloud computing platform allowing businesses to run critical functions without reliance upon costly onsite hardware, such as desktop environments, user directory services, storage, and web applications. 

Subscribers can rely on Azure for all their commercial IT needs or operate a ‘hybrid’ setup that combines cloud functionality with on-premise hardware, such as servers, workstations, and storage devices. 

Microsoft Azure Key Benefits


Lower your costs with less upfront expenditure. Azure works on a subscription and PAYG model, meaning you only pay for what you consume. 


Easily scale up or down with the needs of the organisation. 

Security and compliance

Microsoft is considered the most trusted cloud. Built-in, multi-layered security and compliance certifications make it a top choice for high-risk industries such as healthcare, finance, and government. 

Professional services

Azure is a comprehensive toolbox that can help solve more of the challenges your customers present to you, but we recognise it takes time to understand. Our Professional Services specialists are here to take your offering further and help you deliver the services you’re not ready to deliver yourself yet. 

It's quick to deploy. It does what it says on the tin. If you get your head around the imaging and how it all plugs together. I honestly don't know why you'd use anything else.
— James Bannister
Managing Director of ITERTECH

What Can Azure do?

Microsoft Azure delivers over 200 services across computing, networking, storage, IoT, migration, artificial intelligence, security, databases, and web services. 

The most popular ways we have seen our partners adopt Azure are through Infrastructure Migrations and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). 

Azure Migration

Moving customers’ existing infrastructure to the cloud provides partners with an excellent opportunity to improve security and increase innovation with hybrid capabilities whilst also meeting the current uncertainty and challenges we see in the digital world.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a multi-session, cloud-based desktop and app virtualisation service hosted in Azure. It allows you to modernise your customer’s whole desktop environment and adopt a modern work and BYOD culture by providing a secure remote desktop experience whilst reducing costs and security risks.

Why Azure?

The most trusted cloud

Built with security in mind. Backed by experts and with proactive compliance that start-ups trust through to the most heavily regulated organisations. 

Operate hybrid seamlessly

Whether your customers work on-premises or in the cloud, you can integrate and manage their environments with tools and services specifically designed for a hybrid cloud solution.

Build on your terms

Build how you want and deploy where you want to with Microsoft’s commitment to open source and support for all languages and frameworks. 

Prepare for the future

Microsoft is a continuous innovator, allowing you to develop today whilst supporting your transformations of the future. 

How do I start sell Azure based solutions?

How do I start sell Azure based solutions?


The possibilities of adopting Azure are endless, but we recommend you focus on key appropriate and relevant products for your customer base to build a successful practice.

With so many options to consider, take a read of our Microsoft consultant’s article on how to add Azure to your current offering. 

Want to earn more margin from Microsoft?

Become a Microsoft Azure Solutions Designation Partner to earn Microsoft Incentives.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations for Azure are a great way to showcase your expertise in delivering Azure Solutions to your customers. With three to choose from (Data and AI, Digital and App Innovation, and Infrastructure), you can differentiate yourself from competitors, enhance your capabilities and unlock new benefits such as Marketing resources, IURs and incentives.

Microsoft Azure Incentives FY24*

Incentive Structure CSP Indirect Reseller Maximum Earning Opportunity1
Azure consumption CSP motion 4% $75k USD
Azure Reservation and Savings Plan

(Includes ACR from Reserved Instance and Azure Savings Plan)
10% $75k USD
Azure Workload Accelerator CSP2

(Data & App Innovation and Analytics+AI)
2% $25k USD

* Incentives correct at time of publishing August 2023

1All Maximum Earning Opportunities per engagement term, per partner, per subscription level

2Eligible products within each workload can be found on page 96 of the FY24 Microsoft Commercial Partner Incentives Guide

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