Bitdefender Endpoint Detections and Response (EDR) monitor your networks to uncover suspicious activity early, and provide the tools to enable your customers to fight-off cyber-attacks.

Register below for our 3 month Bitdefender EDR Standalone Promo running from October – December 2021

Please read the terms & conditions below and before registering.

Terms & Conditions:

This promotion is only available to selected intY Expert partners. Selected partners will be contacted by their intY Account Manager to be notified about the promotion. If you wish to understand more about the selection process for this promotion and future Bitdefender promotions, please reach out to your Account Manager.

The promotion is bound by the calendar quarter, any consumption from date of provisioning to the end of the calendar quarter is included in the three months. Any consumption from January 2022 will be billed at standard rate.

intY partners must register for the promotion to qualify.

The intY partner is responsible for any tax implications. intY has the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. E&OE.

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