What is Aryaka?

Aryaka is a world leader in managed connectivity as-a-service, supporting over 800 enterprise customers globally. Their all-in-one managed services bring together proprietary network and security technologies, a global network, a multi-cloud PoP-based architecture and a flexible managed service offering to provide companies with a seamless, integrated experience.

Why choose Aryaka?

MPLS alternative/replacement

Eliminate multiple MPLS contracts and streamline costs

Fully managed service

With 24/7 support and global network operations centres.

Multi-cloud architecture

With direct connectivity that delivers simplicity, ease of use and architectural flexibility.

Guaranteed application performance

With built-in WAN optimisation.

Why sell Aryaka?

Cost, complexity and performance are the top 3 concerns for organisations that operate in the digital economy. Aryaka meets all 3 of these concerns, enabling organisations to work from anywhere in the world without compromising on user experience, security or cost.

When your customers realise their existing infrastructure and hardware aren’t a barrier to upgrading, the Aryaka solution really sells itself. It’s easy to implement and can be up and running remarkably quickly.

Aryaka Networks provide:

  • Managed last-mile connectivity with procurement and monitoring.

  • Global L2 Points Of Presence (PoPs) reaching 95 percent of world’s knowledge workers.

  • Consistent global SLAs with Single Point Of Contact (SPoC).

  • Secure transport, edge, and managed firewall-as-a-service.

Product and Services

SASE Service

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a consumption-based cloud delivery model, fusing Network-as-a-Service and Network Security-as-a-Service. It’s simple to use, flexible and scalable, freeing up IT staff to focus on higher-level business activities rather than basic network operations. Aryaka provides managed SASE for all sites, applications, users and devices via their converged network, security, and integrated lifecycle services.

SD-WAN Solutions

Aryaka’s cloud-based SD-WAN solutions provide optimal performance and service levels, connecting sites, hybrid workers and clouds. It improves connectivity, orchestration and management, supporting multiple security approaches. By centralising control in the cloud and combining multiple networking and optimisation functions at the edge, customers gain greater flexibility, reliability, agility and performance.


Benefit to your customers

Aryaka users will be able to modernise networks as part of their digitisation strategy, with easy-to-use services that have native managed connections to most public cloud providers:

Fully managed services

Secure global connectivity

Uncompromised application performance

Cost reduction

Streamlined cloud architecture

Rapid updates and compliance

Sell Aryaka via our Agency Model

Get access to exclusive new revenue streams with ease.

By partnering with Aryaka via our Agency Model, you gain access to SD-WAN and SASE capabilities without having to deploy, bill, or support them.

Get to earn monthly commissions whilst the vendor does all the hard work – what’s not to like!

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