Acronis empowers MSPs with cybersecurity solutions built for the future. They aim to lower risk, improve productivity and ultimately help your customers to become cyber fit.  

With a passion for protecting every workload, Acronis has created an all-in-one cyber protection solution for environments of all shapes and sizes called Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 

Acronis’s unique combination of automation and integration allows you to gain prevention, detection, response, recovery and forensic capabilities needed to safeguard your customer workloads. 


Why choose Acronis?

Reduce risk

Minimise customers security risks with next-generation cyber protection. 

Increase provitability

Unlock easy upsell and cross-sell opportunities and boost your monthly recurring revenue. 

Lower costs

One license, one agent controlled and deployed through a single console. 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Grow your services with Advanced Packs

You can also add robust products to Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Packs. Advanced Packs enable you to increase and strengthen your service offering and keep your costs down as you only pay for the features your customers require.

Advanced Packs include:

Advanced Email

Intercept any email threat in seconds before it reaches end users, including spam, phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs), business email compromise (BEC). 

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The first DLP solution created specifically for MSPs to stop leakage of sensitive data from peripheral devices and network channels with automatic, client-specific DLP policy creation. 

Advanced Security

Created for MSPs, Acronis EDR enables you to streamline endpoint protection and quickly identify and address attacks to ensure business continuity.  


Save time and reduce administrative tasks with automated patch management. The comprehensive toolset helps to consolidate solutions, proactively eliminate security gaps, and improve uptime by monitoring disk drive health. 

Advanced Backup

Enhance your customers data protection by safeguarding their data. Get a thorough picture of data protection and help  meet compliance standards by ensuring that all workloads – data, apps, and systems – are secure. 

Advanced Disaster Recovery

When disaster hits, get your customers system back up and running within minutes by firing up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and recovering them from anywhere.  

Advanced File Sync and Share

Improve the collaboration and productivity of your customers teams with a file sync and share service that includes sharing capabilities with fully remote notarisation, verification, and online signing, across all platforms. 

Learn more about Acronis Advanced Packs in our Acronis Advanced Packs eBook!

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