At intY, we offer a carefully-curated range of cloud products and services, each a best-in-class contender. Purchase the licenses that will best suit your clients’ needs and deploy them however you like: individually, or in unique bundles of your own design.

We offer superb rates facilitated through close relationships with our chosen vendors (we sell under the Microsoft CSP umbrella, for instance). Furthermore, our CASCADE cloud portal makes it simple to provision new licenses, driving the kind of flexibility and immediacy that will allow you to rapidly adapt to changing requirements and bring on new clients with ease. 

Our overarching goal? Fielding the power of the cloud to improve every aspect of business operation: collaboration, continuity, capability, and more besides. Our cloud services portfolio contains several exceptional product ranges along with various individual tools and vendors we’ve determined to be superior to all alternatives.

Other products & services

Barracuda Sonian

IT security company Barracuda purchased Sonian in 2017, and the name now applies to its Cloud Archive software for seamlessly storing incoming and outgoing emails to make them easier to search and use.

It bears noting that you can also simply import PST files from Outlook. Couple that with the promised 99.99% uptime and you have a tool that’s the best for email archiving.


Convincing clients to embrace cloud systems can be particularly difficult when they’re concerned about how to move their existing data.

BitTitan MigrationWiz is an exceptional solution for handling the migration of mailboxes to Microsoft. Given how strongly we recommend Microsoft’s cloud products, it’s an invaluable support tool. Add to this their tools for migrating Teams, public folders, documents and personal archives and you have a full data migration service.

Broadcom Symantec

Industry-leading email security from one of the most trusted brands in the field.

Now owned by Broadcom, the Symantec email security product remains at the top of the pile. Across email systems, it implements high-level encryption and combats malware, ransomware, phishing, and various other threats.

Cloud 2020

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cloud 2020 was one of the first UK Dynamics 365 evangelists, and brings unrivalled knowledge of this immensely-powerful suite to the table — making it a tremendous resource and a valuable partner.

Through our established working relationship with Cloud 2020, we can facilitate anything from simple consultation on anything related to Dynamics 365 (e.g. use cases, best practises, native and third-party integrations) to full-scale deployment on your behalf.


Even businesses that prioritise online security can fall victim to fraudulent emails and web threats.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) streamlines the process of protecting email users from system infection by automatically containing and analysing unknown attachments. Legitimate files are released, and threats are quarantined.
Comodo Secure Internet Gateway will protect users from web threats and help deploy internet browsing policies on any device.


Email signatures have business significance that's often understated. Not only do they convey certain pieces of information (e.g. phone numbers or social media accounts), but they also show organisational consistency.

Signatures for Office 365 allows you to easily create excellent Office 365 signatures and store them in the cloud to be applied whenever you need (you can choose them manually, or set them to trigger in specific instances).


Nulia describes itself as a digital enablement pioneer with the goal of empowering people and organisations, and its Nulia Works platform (designed for Microsoft 365) is effective at making that goal a reality through driving and supporting user training.

Using elements of gamification including clear performance tracking and achievements, it guides people along valuable courses and through several levels of mastery — and helps push adoption of Microsoft 365 in the process.


Not only is there more business data than ever before, but it's also harder to organise due to restrictions on data storage and processing. This makes business mailboxes arduous to manage. Veritas Enterprise Vault speeds things along.

It turns email archiving into a science by categorising emails, making them rapidly searchable, scaling to meet demand, and even implementing rates of data decay to ensure that regulations are met.

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Our cloud products and services have been cherry-picked to maximise the impact of the cloud on business performance, improving all significant elements. In addition, we can guide you on everything from deployment to sales, ensuring that you optimise their ROI.

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