PSA billing integrations: how to get started

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At the end of 2022, we said goodbye to complex and time-consuming billing experiences and said hello to new ways to manage your cloud business more effectively.  

If you have Autotask or ConnectWise we can now offer automated integration with CASCADE, ensuring that what you invoice is always in sync with what you purchase. 

The integration will save you time, provide you with a clear overview of what you are buying and selling and eliminate manual mistakes.  

Want to know more? 

With the help of ApplicationLink, we have produced these handy PSA billing integration guides, to help you do just that. 

Perks of having PSA billing integrations:

Avoid unnecessary mistakes made through human error
See a clear overview of what you’re buying and selling
Sync invoices to purchases
Ensure contracts and agreements are up to date


Your step-by-step guide to PSA billing integrations

How to setup the integration between intY CASCADE and your PSA

Hear from Ezra, Application Manager at ApplicationLink on how to order the integration through CASCADE, connect it with your PSA and the automatic processing feature that reviews changes you make to your customers’ account. 

Invoice Reconciliation:
ApplicationLink explains how this works

Discover how to map data as it’s pulled through from CASCADE to your PSA tool.

Automatic processing feature: ApplicationLink explains how this works

Learn how to enable the automatic processing feature, receive daily overview of changes, view errors that may occur and amend them. 


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