How Microsoft Defender is helping businesses beat cybercrime 

60% of SMBs say they don’t feel equipped to handle cyber attacks. This is a shocking statistic, considering how straightforward it can be to protect employees and businesses from most cyber breaches.  

Where does this lack of cyber security confidence stem from? Most people understand the severity of security breaches, with high-level publicity surrounding its victims. Cybercriminals are well-known to exploit weaknesses in networks, processes and devices to steal data and assets, harming both operations and reputations. Faced with consequences like these, businesses can feel intimidated by the scale of the task at hand.  

However, putting effective security in place is not as complex as it seems. The answers lie in education and finding the right tools for the job. Robust protections and processes can be put in place without it feeling overwhelming or distracting from the business of the day.  

Seamless, easy to use solutions are the name of the game. Solutions that support both the security needs of an organisation (protecting devices, networks and assets), and its operational functions. Solutions that are complex enough behind the scenes to handle all forms of attack, but simple enough for the user to easily integrate into their working practices.  


A comprehensive, robust solution 

Microsoft Defender for Business brings enterprise-grade security to small businesses. It helps prevent ransomware, malware, next-generation antivirus, phishing and more, to meet every type of cybersecurity need.  

Designed especially for SMBs (up to 300 employees), it protects all devices and systems, whether using Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. It’s easy to deploy and comprehensive in its protection.  

Microsoft Defender for Business features: 

  • Automated alert and threat investigation. 
  • Threat intelligence using human and AI analysis of trillions of signals. 
  • Cross-platform functionality for all devices. 
  • Network protection and web blocking to guard against malicious content. 


Upgrades make Defender easy to implement  

Microsoft Defender for Business is a part of Microsoft Business Premium, so implementation is easy with a straightforward upgrade – removing the need to scout around for a stand-alone solution.  

Business Premium combines best-in-class Office apps and cloud services with comprehensive security to protect against advanced threats. 

Security benefits include: 

  • Comprehensive security – advanced security and device management helps safeguard businesses from cyberthreats 
  • Quick and easy – take immediate action to deploy and manage devices. Add and remove users in minutes.  
  • Endpoint security – enables endpoint security for Windows and Linux across devices and platforms.  
  • Cost effective – delivers high value security solutions at an affordable price point.  


Microsoft Defender is an opportunity for partners 

Microsoft Defender for Business is not only a brilliant solution for customers, but partners can now add it to their stack as a stand-alone product.  

It‘s included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and partners will also receive the benefits of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse integration. 

Partner benefits include: 

  • Increased security and reduced risk – AI-powered automation rapidly protects, detects, and responds to threats. 
  • Secures customers with ease – view security incidents and alerts in a single place. Standardise on one solution across customer devices. 
  • Grow revenue and reduce costs – build new, higher-margin, standardised endpoint security services with reduced operational costs and overheads. 
  • Engage new customers and harness upselling opportunities – Microsoft Defender for Business can be an entry point for new customers, enabling partners to upsell the broader Microsoft portfolio. 

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