Acronis Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace

Written by our Cybersecurity Experts

A robust, well-managed backup schedule should be the cornerstone of every company’s IT plan – from small businesses to large enterprise-level organisations. 

Acronis Cyber Backup removes the hassle of running time consuming onsite backup routines by sending your data via an encrypted connection to a secure, reliable, cloud-based backup server that’s available 24/7. 

PCs and mobile devices 

Backup your employees’ smartphones and tablets across all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. 

Servers and NAS devices 

Specialised cloud backup solutions for centralised storage locations and business-critical hardware. 

Ransomware protection 

Protect your sensitive data against the rising threat of ransomware, by keeping it out of the hands of cybercriminals. 

Backup physical and virtual machines 

Run backup jobs across all of your company’s physical and virtual IT assets, wherever they’re hosted, and whatever purpose they serve. 

Microsoft 365


Since its release in 2011 as Office 365, Microsoft 365 has grown to become the world’s most popular cloud-based productivity platform. 

Acronis Backup comes pre-packaged with a full range of product-specific backup features that integrate seamlessly with your existing Microsoft 365 solution. 

Exchange Online 

Centralised backup for all of your company’s emails, contacts, attachments and group mailboxes. 

OneDrive for Business 

A fast, reliable cloud-to-cloud backup service that provides peace of mind with an added layer of protection for all your organisation’s data. 


Cloud-based collaboration has become the new norm for businesses all around the world. Acronis Cyber Backup secures all of your Teams data, including channel content, mailboxes and team sites. 

Fast file retrieval 

Acronis Cyber Backup makes it easy to locate lost files or restore data from a backup by providing a simple, intuitive search function that scans all of your Microsoft 365 products for the information you need. 


Google Workspace


Acronis Cyber Backup has been carefully designed to work across the entire suite of Google Workspace products including Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar, to provide users with a centralised backup service that’s easy to use, and maintains business continuity. 

Enhanced login support 

Full support for Google’s multi-factor authentication login protocol, featuring fingerprint identification and conditional access. 

Workspace auto-discovery 

Acronis Cyber Backup removes the need for constant backup job maintenance by automatically detecting new users, and changes to your company data. 

Advanced file search 

Use metadata and character-specific search functions to retrieve emails, files and contacts across your entire organisation. 

Granular restore features 

When it comes to lost or accidentally deleted data, time is money. Get a comprehensive preview of emails and content before you perform a restore. Retrieve missing files within seconds directly from the backup location. 


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Choosing the right backup solution is one of the most important IT-related decisions a company can make. 

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