Grow your business with Security-Centric Remote Monitoring and Management :The Barracuda RMM Tool

Barracuda strives to make the world a safer place by delivering cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy and use.

What is RMM Software?


Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) software is the lifeblood of any IT support operation. Organisations who deal with support in-house require a robust and reliable means to maintain their corporate IT assets. For MSPs, projects and support contracts are won and lost on their ability to effectively manage their clients’ endpoints, servers and cloud-based applications.

Traditional “break and fix” methods of support have quite rightly been consigned to the dustbin of IT support history. The modern workplace demands a proactive, end-to-end approach to network maintenance and monitoring.

RMM software is a suite of tools used by IT professionals to automate, maintain, and monitor commercial IT networks of all shapes and sizes.

Key features of an RMM platform:
• Facilitates the control of onsite IT assets from a remote location
• Automates patching, software updates and general maintenance
• Provides a detailed top-down view of network performance, highlighting pain points in traffic management, hardware performance and the flow of data
• Automates compliance and auditing

How does RMM Software Work?


As with most things IT-related, the underlying concept and user experience is very straightforward, but the back-end work that goes into delivering it is far more complex.

RMM works by deploying specialised software (also called an ‘agent’) onto IT assets, servers, devices and workstations. The agent harvests information on the asset – everything from hardware specifications to software logs, user access, network status and security information – and sends this data back to a dedicated RMM server.

From there, IT staff have the ability control the asset, automate updates, produce performance reports, push out software updates and predict problems before they arise relating to factors such as disk size, memory usage and a whole lot more.


RMM removes the need for manual intervention in day-to-day maintenance by operating with a pre-configured set of parameters that governs the upkeep and monitoring of IT assets.


RMM functionality isn’t limited to onsite operations. In the post-COVID world, wherever your staff are working from, and whatever device they’re using, RMM keeps your infrastructure secure, minimises downtime and increases staff productivity.

The Barracuda RMM Tool


Barracuda is the global leader in security, application and data protection solutions. Formed in 2003 as an antispam service provider, the company has grown to over 2,000 employees and was valued at $1.6billion in 2017.


Barracuda RMM is an industry-leading RMM, security and support product used by thousands of businesses all over the world.


Setup and installation 

Provisioning Barracuda RMM could not be simpler. You purchase a subscription package, specify administrative access, and tell the software what assets you’d like to monitor. The agents embed themselves on your network, sync back to the Barracuda server and start to monitor your infrastructure.

Barracuda have recently introduced a bespoke setup service where a dedicated team of RMM professionals will manage the provisioning process on your behalf, to a set of customised parameters specified at point of purchase.



Barracuda RMM contains a comprehensive package of software features that allow you to deliver industry-leading support to your customer base:


  • Security assessments – Generate immediate reports on the security status of your network. Use data to take remedial action on potential security vulnerabilities including out of date software and inadequate login controls. Produce a detailed breakdown of your compliance status to align with regulatory standards and practices.


  • Detailed reporting – Make us of 150+ bespoke reports, branded to your organisation, that showcase your organisation’s ability to maintain your customer’s network. Use data driven analysis in project and sales meetings to demonstrate how efficient your support operation is.


  • Proactive monitoring – Get notifications on potential network issues before they arise, applicable to a wide variety of IT assets and devices. Use a bank of pre-packaged monitoring parameters or build your own monitoring rules based on the individual needs of each customer. Maintain a 24/7/365 monitoring operation that provides security and maintenance around the clock.


  • Intuitive dashboards – Clear, concise, modular dashboard functionality that tells your staff everything they need to know about the status of every asset on the network. Simplistic, colour coded data displays remove the need for granular analysis and provide ‘at a glance’ maintenance functionality.


  • Secure remote connections – Connect to client devices from anywhere in the world. Take control of IT assets to minimise support hours, removing the need for onsite attendance and providing a first-class customer experience.


  • Automation – Utilise over 200 pre-packaged scripts that automate the job of network maintenance and remove the possibility of human error whilst undertaking important patching and upgrade duties. Code your own scripted tasks to tailor support on a per-asset, per-user basis across a broad range of network topologies.


  • Standardised service plans – Customised service plans that are specific to your customer base. Use pre-configured service templates or build your own plans to meet your clients’ unique needs.


  • Built-in PSA ticketing – Professional Service Automation (PSA) tools provide an end-to-end support experience for your customer base that includes ticketing and problem resolution.


  • Patch management – Automatically or manually apply Microsoft patching on a per-workstation, per-server basis. Produce patching reports to your customer base that illustrate what machines have received an update and demonstrate your ability to minimise security vulnerabilities across the estate.


Associated solutions

RMM software acts as a bridge between your organisation and the range of software packages that allow you to deliver support and maintenance services to your clients.

Barracuda RMM is at its best when used alongside integrated solutions that make it easier to maintain networks, secure your clients data and fix problems before they arise.


The software is pre-configured to co-exist with a wide variety of complementary solutions:

  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Helpdesk

Seamlessly integrate your RMM software with Barracuda’s NOC and Helpdesk service. Barracuda’s network experts will take calls on behalf of your team, if required, acting as backup resources when staffing levels are tight.

  • Advanced Software Management (ASM)

ASM has bespoke access to thousands of different software packages from over 100 SaaS/bespoke providers. Connect your RMM solution to Barracuda’s Advanced Software Management service that administers patching and performs software updates across the entire estate.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Barracuda RMM is fully compatible with all of Barracuda’s data protection and recovery solutions, including cloud-to-cloud backup, Microsoft 365/Azure backup and Intronis – a fully re-brandable white label solution for MSPs looking to deliver their own set of backup services locally and in the cloud.

  • Managed Antivirus

Use Barracuda RMM to remotely deploy and manage your customer’s antivirus solution, including endpoint protection, virus definition updates, reporting and exclusions.

Why should you use it?


Facilitate growth 

Streamlining support services means that you get to focus on the things that matter most – growing your business. Barracuda RMM provides a robust, innovative platform for you to take your business in any direction you choose.


Automate service delivery 

The weakest link on any computer network are the humans who use it. Barracuda RMM removes the potential for human error by offering a comprehensive package of automation tools that fulfil every last one of your customer’s unique requirements.


Drive down operational costs 

There’s no getting away from it – IT support costs money. Barracuda RMM helps to minimise the cost of maintaining a network by reducing the amount of high-level incidents and lowering staffing costs. Barracuda RMM is scalable, cost-effective, and unhindered by the need to operate costly on-site support servers.

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