Microsoft Teams reaches 250 million monthly active users

Microsoft Teams continues to grow rapidly as the world continues to shift towards hybrid and remote work.

Mini Ginis – Microsoft Enablement Consultant, Modern Workplace, intY

Our Microsoft Enablement Consultant for Modern Workplace, Mini Ginis, provides an update on this milestone below.

Undoubtedly Microsoft Teams has become an increasingly popular collaboration platform, in April 2021 they had an impressive 145 million daily active users. Teams continue to grow rapidly and on July 27th Microsoft shared that this number has increased to an astonishing 250 million monthly active users. Microsoft’s commitment to move businesses to the cloud and adopt Teams since the beginning of the pandemic has led to this collaborative app being one of Microsoft’s greatest successes in recent years.  

To put the 250 million figure into perspective Microsoft had around 32 million active daily users at the start of the pandemic. Within a few weeks Teams took a huge leap to 75 million, which has more than doubled in daily user numbers since the beginning of the pandemic. It is a remarkable growth since Microsoft has been pushing users to adopt Teams for the new hybrid world of work. 

Microsoft’s response to COVID-19 is to ensure that they are providing technology and resources to their customers to help them complete their best work whilst working remotely. Teams helps bridge the hybrid and physical world, bringing simplicity to teamwork by collaborating, sharing, communicating all in one platform.  

Microsoft has been steadily improving Teams throughout the pandemic. It’s been an exciting period for digital transformation and for many customers Teams has become an integral part of their journey. Teams is designed while keeping the increasing popularity of hybrid work in mind and is aimed at forming an efficient hub for teamwork. Teams combine one-to-one chat, group messaging, voice and video calling, document collaboration in a single, integrated application, helping bring people closer together.  

Recognising the shift to hybrid work is vital, it’s important to think of Teams as more than simply a way to virtually host meetings, but as a platform for collaboration, engagement, and experience. One of Microsoft’s focuses is to prepare their users for the coming future of hybrid work. Through studying data, listening to their employees, and users, and responding with agility to what works and what does not. Microsoft shares lessons they learned in their own journey. It is clear to see that they are doing something right as Teams have become a vital part for many businesses in record time. 

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