Cloud 2020: A Shift in Focus from Microsoft

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cloud 2020 have the credentials to assist you with any aspect of Dynamics 365 or Power Platform — making their services a valuable add to your existing Microsoft stack. Below, Cloud 2020 shed some light on digital transformation.

Shift in focus from Microsoft

There has been a big shift in focus from Microsoft, who have identified Office, Azure and most importantly for us, Biz Apps as their three pillars. This shift opens up a huge amount of opportunities for resellers and partners of Microsoft in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform space.
Most recently the Introduction of Common Data Service and the Common Data Model is beginning to open up these worlds and allows for more integration between what, until now, have been quite discrete platform.

What do we mean by Power Platform?

The Power Platform covers Dynamics 365 and the three Power Apps; Power Automate, Power BI and Portals.
These apps work together to enable both the traditional Sales, Marketing and Service platforms and the creation of specific apps, flows and analytics to enable a platform for business growth which is:
• Scalable
• Flexible
• Licensed by subscriptions to enable turn on and turn off licences
• Customisable

Impact of Common Data Service and Common Data Model

Due to the development of the Common Data Model and Common Data Service apps using a different architecture such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement are now able to share data in apps in a way they weren’t able to before.  This has led to the changes we are seeing in what was Project Service Automation and is now Project Operations.  We predict we will see more of these ‘hybrid’ apps coming into play in the future.

SMBs, Vertical and Horizontal solutions

SMB’s are adopting these platforms to help keep track of leads and data. Best practice is pre-built into them which helps within these organisations and we believe that this market is ready for vertical solutions built around specific industry requirements and horizontal solutions built around functionality such as HR or Asset Management.

Digital Transformation

COVID19 has triggered businesses to look more closely and urgently at Digital Transformation.  Those who were behind in this adoption and have had to change drastically almost overnight. We believe that these businesses will see the benefit and continue to take on new technology. The impact for business and digital transformation is huge as companies had to adapt to survive, with a sudden dispersed workforce. If they can take it one step further and fully adopt these business applications this will make a huge impact and build on what has already been implemented.
These businesses will need partners in this venture who are not necessarily experts in the Power Platform but who they know and trust to offer them the best advice and support.  Cloud 2020 offers to the intY Partner ecosystem an expert Partner in Power Platform who will help you to engage with you customers and support them on their Digital Transformation journey.

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Listen here to Ian Bourne and Wendy Clifford from Cloud 2020 discuss these topics in more detail.

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