‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’: Comodo’s New Standard in Cybersecurity

Comodo believes that even businesses who prioritise online security can fall victim to fraudulent emails and web threats.

Comodo’s auto-containment solution provides a “default-deny” policy. Meaning if they do not recognise a file as confirmed benign – they will not allow it to execute on your endpoint.

With their Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) – this streamlines the process of protecting email users from system infection by automatically containing and analysing unknown attachments. Legitimate files are released, and threats are quarantined. Comodo’s Secure Internet Gateway will protect users from web threats and help deploy internet browsing policies on any device.

Comodo present a great problem example of how to be cautious online:

Problem example: A zero-day piece of ransomware (ransomware that is brand new and the signature is not yet recognised by the software) is attached to a file and executed once this file is downloaded. This file has remained undetected and surpassed all security layers, it is a new file and is not on any AV blacklists, nor was it blocked by an endpoint firewall.

How can you protect your environment from zero-day ransomware?

With Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection and auto-containment solution – they can stop 100% of all ransomware and malware attacks*. Their product is equipped with 7 layers of endpoint security, their last line of defence being auto-containment. Comodo has had such great results with their Advanced Endpoint Protection, they have publicly posted their data over the past year. The graph below highlights the percentage of active devices with malicious activity which have been contained, vs endpoints with no known threats, compared to the number of threats which resulted in an infection or breach.

*Comodo’s threat containment provides total protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows. All untrusted processes and applications are automatically contained in a secure environment, allowing safe applications the freedom to run while denying malware the system-access they require to deliver their payloads.” 

Another example Comodo use is – would you let a stranger into your house late at night and allow them to stay for a prolonged period of time? We are guessing for most people the answer would be no.

So why would you treat your cyber activity this way?

Comodo feel it is always best to be cautious and assume the file is guilty until proven innocent.

Click the following link to see more information on Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection Features

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