Microsoft Teams: Latest Updates

Cloud providers are thriving to continually improve and enhance user experiences and capabilities. The frequent Teams updates are a prime example of Microsoft doing just this. Read on to find out what's new in Microsoft Teams!

1. Teams Together Mode

You and your colleagues can soon be virtually together in Teams Together Mode. Using AI segmentation technology, multiple people can be placed on one background – and even ‘look towards’ to the speaker.

Placing users in virtual meeting rooms, coffee shops and more, you can bring a touch of social aspect back into your working world. Keep an eye out for this exciting new feature, set to be rolling out soon!

Teams Together Mode

2. Large View

Finally – the much anticipated 7×7 gallery view is available. With this, you are able to see up to 49 users on the screen at one time, making those virtual meetings more interactive.

Teams 7×7 gallery view

3. Walkie-talkie Feature

Contact at the touch of a button.

With the ability to connect to both Wi-Fi and cellular data, it is designed to transform smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie.

Designed as a securer adaptation on the traditional walkie-talkie, Microsoft has stated that users will not have to worry about crosstalk. Targeted to be used by customer-facing employees, the feature is built into the Teams mobile app. It allows users to talk to a co-worker at the touch of a button and encourage more collaborative, productive and secure working. Keep an eye out for this as it is coming soon!

4. Teams Rooms

Change the way you collaborate, communicate and conference within the new Teams Rooms. Bringing meeting spaces of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms to you remotely, Teams Rooms provides a modern meeting experience by combining HD video, audio and content sharing. Simple to use, deploy, and manage – get started at the touch of a button!

5. Power BI App

The new Power BI personal app for Microsoft Teams is now rolling out. Seamlessly access Power BI reports in Teams and view sample reports and training information. Utilise this powerful hub for teamwork with a data-driven approach – building apps and chatbots are just a sample of the things you can now do without having to leave Teams.

The new personal app is available in the Apps section of Teams.

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