Acronis – Benefits of backing up your data to the Cloud

In a world where digital capabilities are ever-evolving, Acronis recognise that staying CyberFit is essential. There are endless benefits of backing up your data to the Cloud – Acronis can help you help your customers do just that.

The Benefits of Cloud Backup

It is no secret that we all need to back up our data. Data loss results in downtime and loss of revenue. We are now in a digital society – where manual, hardware backups are out dated. It comes at a time where more and more of us are establishing the need for remote working, and software is now the only way forward.

Efficient and effective 

Cloud backups are automatic – meaning that your customers will save ample time on backing up their data that would otherwise be wasted while backing up manually. What’s more, backups can be scheduled and planned ahead of time, meaning that your customers have complete control of their data copies and deployment of their backups.



The days of having to back up onto hardware are long behind us. Backing up to the cloud presents the ability to backup from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly desirable when working remotely.


Growth Opportunities

As your customer’s company grows, their data grows. With cloud backup, their data is protected as and when they grow. It is wholly scalable and chargeable depending on usage – they’ll pay for what they use and are not confined to any storage restrictions or limitations.


Why Acronis?

Acronis offer superior backup solutions with unique capabilities. Their offering samples complete, secure and reliable solutions for businesses of any size. With user-friendly interfaces and add on opportunities, Acronis Back Up Cloud and Cyber Protect present users with the ability to securely execute back ups and protect their data. Find an Acronis service that satisfies and fits your customers’ business model  – with zero upfront costs.

Backing up data with Acronis allows your customers to immediately and reliably copy and protect their current data, as well as any future workloads. Offering scalable backup solutions, Acronis promises complete protection – now and forever.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

A cost-effective backup and recovery solution that delivers a reliable, customised service, backing up data from any source and recovering data to any system.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud hosts a per-user based model, meaning that there is no up front investment, enabling you to assist your customers in growing their business and get to market quicker.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Cloud is a single solution designed to offer one platform that delivers cyber protection easily and efficiently. It enables backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, security and management tools, file sync and share to be managed from a single console.

This will help protect your customers from modern cyber threats and benefit from fast and reliable recovery of applications,  system and data.

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud provides all-in-one backup, disaster recovery, and advanced ransomware protection. Protecting your customers’ critical workloads by instantly recovering their critical IT systems, applications, and data utilising the Acronis cloud infrastructure, Acronis DR offers recovery for both physical and virtual machines.

Acronis Files Cloud

Acronis Files Cloud will enable your customers to work with the content they need, wherever they may be and on whichever device they hold. Transforming mobile devices into a secure and private business platform, whilst enabling them to quickly respond to, and share, data and files. Collaboration is made easy with Acronis Files Cloud supporting integration with Microsoft Office native mobile apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

User Friendly Portal

Acronis hosts an easy to use management portal in which you have the ability to set up your customers with access, thus enabling them to track and control their storage and backup. The portal allows them to run audits and reports on their Acronis solutions as well as calculate their CyberFit score – evaluating their security posture and any gaps that might be present.

Acronis portal

Acronis Portal Usage Summary

Acronis portal report

Acronis Cyber Protection Overview


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