MigrationWiz – move customers mailboxes to the cloud

One of the key ways to stay in contact with people inside and outside of an organisation is through email. At a time of uncertainty, and when people need to be in constant contact, email is an important way to do this.

Make sure your customers are geared up and ready for remote working. In this blog, we will explore a migration tool that will help you simply and quickly move your customer’s email to the cloud, meaning their email can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

What is MigrationWiz?

BitTitan MigrationWiz can help you get your customer’s mailboxes migrated to the cloud in a matter of minutes. No special training, professional services, or additional hardware or software installation is required.

  • Simply migrate mailbox data
  • Migrate up to 50gb per user
  • Fast and scalable
  • Minimal downtime during email migration
  • Unlimited scalability – migrate as many mailboxes concurrently at any given second.
  • Both mailboxes may be used while the migration is occurring.
  • 100% SaaS – Initiate and run cloud and on-prem migrations from one centralised dashboard.
  • Secure and compliant

MigrationWiz has long been regarded as the premiere option for email migration, with the ability to migrate to and from many platforms, including but not limited to Office 365, Microsoft 365, Gmail, Exchange 2007 and many more.

BitTitan email migration is done entirely through a web-portal, so there’s no hardware or software for resellers to worry about, and no outside personnel coming into the workplace. Best of all, MigrationWiz is designed to eliminate system downtime and lost user productivity from the migration process.

Depending on the source system MigrationWiz will migrate email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and more. Advanced capabilities allow you to retain email reliability, recurring calendar appointments, and contact pictures.

What’s in it for you?

Using this tool, you can add email migration to your portfolio of services, charging your customers a fee to migrate their services and adding your wrap around value-add support. With remote working on the rise, support your customers in a simple and quick move to the cloud using MigrationWiz.

If you don’t have the resource internally to perform migrations but want to offer this service to your customers then intY can help with this. We now offer an on-premise to cloud email migration service that you can utilise to help move your customers to the cloud! Get in contact today for more information about MigrationWiz or our email migration services.

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