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We all know that the current circumstances have initiated big changes in our lives – both working and social. Thousands of businesses are now having to adapt to working remotely, many of which are unequipped to do so efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, we at intY are fortunate enough to have the tools to enable us to work from home.

We wanted to ensure that all our intY partners and their customers know exactly how to use cloud services to suit their needs and guarantee that their businesses are able to work as best they can given the situation. To do this, we have compiled a portfolio of our vendors that can help you and your customers to make the most of remote working.

Whether it’s cloud-based mail, security or collaboration services, we’ve got you covered. Here is your breakdown of the cloud services that will enable you and your customers to be wholly cloud based and ready to work anywhere.

Cloud Services

There are many benefits of migrating to cloud-based systems and solutions – flexibility being a key advantage. Not only do cloud services allow the user to work anywhere at any time, but being cloud-based adds the convenience of allowing users to increase and reduce user licences as and when required, meaning that you pay for what you use. This offers great up-scaling possibilities for you and your customer – it is ideal for growing businesses due to its scalability.


Backup & Business Continuity

Productivity & Collaboration

Professional Services, Consultancy & Engineering Tools

Productivity and Collaboration

Collaboration opportunities are increased through the use of cloud services. Our products below are designed to enable full remote working functionality.

Office/Microsoft 365

Offering complete, intelligent, secure solutions to empower employees.

Enabling users to work from any device, wherever they may be, Office/ Microsoft 365 hosts market leading packages for cloud-based business emails, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and more.

Presented as a collaboration tool, this cloud-based service offers users the ability to create, share and achieve the desired outcome – remotely.

With the ability to access Office productivity applications that everybody is familiar with, and pay only for what you use, it’s a great offering to enable you and your customers to maintain functionality remotely.

Microsoft Azure

Providing a range of cloud services, including analytics, storage and networking, Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure is used for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

Whether used instead of, or to support your current on-prem servers, Azure solutions include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). These contribute to presenting users with endless possibilities in services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage and networking.

Azure offers a range of services to enable users to create secure, feature-ready solutions. These include:

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Virtual Machines
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Website hosting
  • Security
  • AI & Machine Learning

Azure gives users the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

With Microsoft adding Microsoft 365 Business Voice to their lineup, users can now utilise a cloud-based telephony system, inclusive of:

  • Calling plan
  • Built in audio-conferencing
  • Enterprise grade phone system

M365 Business Voice is the perfect communication solution for SMBs, providing users with video calling, chat and meetings from the ease of a single application – Microsoft Teams.

Integrating with Office 365 to present added value through file sharing, storage, video calling and instant messaging, Teams can be used at any time, from any device, including mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Microsoft are continuously adding more features to the Teams lineup of functionalities. The latest updates include:

  • Raise hand
  • Background changes
  • Targeted communications
  • End meeting for organiser
  • 9 frame calls


6 month free trial of Microsoft Teams

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) through cloud-based applications, allowing users to unify data, improve business outcomes, build customer relationships and operate more efficiently. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cloud 2020, offers unrivalled knowledge of this immensely-powerful suite to the table. They can help partners scope out the Dynamics opportunity and then implement the service for your customers.


Perfect as an add on to your migration package, Exclaimer is a tool in which users can manage email signatures in Office 365 and get signatures on all devices including mobiles & Macs. It allows users to use different signatures for different users or departments, instantly update any signature element, as well as add promotional banners.


Nulia is a platform that gets users using digital productivity suites, like Office 365, with the intention of improving processes, enhancing job functions and, in turn, boosting productivity.

Platform Capabilities:

  • Measure & Evaluate – Powered by data intelligence
  • Personalise & Guide – Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots
  • Engage & rewards – Powered by the experience engine


Microsoft 365 Security Elements

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution, allowing users to monitor and proactively protect the security of their data. It hosts several security features, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cloud App Security

These advanced features enable you and your customers to gain the insight and visibility needed to match your security requirements. These are long term end-to-end security features.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

Microsoft’s intelligent mobility management and security platform. It helps protect your organisation and empowers users to work in new and flexible ways.

Components of EM+S

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Device & App Management
  • Information Protection
  • Behaviour Based Threat Analytics


  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E5


Providing Active Breach Protection in a single platform.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) streamlines the process of protecting email users from system infection by automatically containing and analysing unknown attachments. Legitimate files are released, and threats are quarantined.

  • Activate Breach Prevention Protects Your Data
  • Report a Reduction Total Number of Incidents
  • Best Malware Protection from Ransomware
  • Lightweight Agent with Cloud Delivered Update

AEP enables you to secure your endpoints from ransomware, data breaches and malware.

Comodo Secure Internet Gateway helps protect against web threats and regulate web browsing activities for your users in any location, on any device, with full visibility.

  • Deploy In 2 Minutes
  • Protect Against Web Threats
  • Ensure Productive Web Browsing
  • Protect Off-Network Users

With this, you can ensure safe and protected web browsing.

Symantec Email Security

Symantec Email offers safeguarding for on-premise emails, as well as cloud email such as Microsoft Office 365. It allows users to defend against targeted campaigns with multi-layered technologies and deep threat analytics.

In a world where cybercrime is becoming more complex, companies must be continually conscious of sophisticated cyberattacks, phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC). Symantec’s Email works to do five things:

  • Prevent sophisticated email attacks such as ransomware and spear phishing
  • Isolate and neutralise any threats
  • Respond using intelligence to gain insight to both clean and malicious emails
  • Prepare vulnerable users
  • Integrate email security with the rest of a security infrastructure

Backup & Business Continuity

Using cloud services allows for a backup guarantee even if the hardware fails, thus eliminating any concern over data loss. Uploading data to the cloud enables users to access their data from anywhere at any time – all they’ll need is internet access.


Acronis Data Services Cloud is currently made up of three services:

  • Acronis Backup Cloud
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • Acronis Files Cloud

With Acronis Backup Cloud, users gain a complete cloud backup Solution offering a simple way to protect & back up 20+ Platforms. Partners are able to manage their customers from a single console, with all the agents located in the Acronis portal. It offers:

  • Multiple backup types
  • Acronis Active Protection – stops ransomware
  • Acronis Universal & Instant restore
  • Office 365 cloud to cloud backup
  • Secure Cloud Data Centers
  • Data encryption – in transit and at rest

Users can then add on Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud, which hosts:

  • Replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers
  • Own VM in the cloud
  • Workload can be instantly switched (failed over) from corrupted machine to cloud VM
  • Disaster recovery in seconds
  • Disaster recovery for any workload – Linux, all major hypervisors, applications and virtual appliances
  • Complete business protection


Cloud based email archiving service which securely preserves inbound and outbound email and file attachments, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud.

Sonian View Archive:

  • Email archiving solution
  • No agents or plugins
  • Archives immediately after provisioning
  • No additional Infrastructure
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Authenticated user access & roles
  • Unlimited preservation, storage & retention
  • Unlimited concurrent searches
  • Data export options & formats
  • Easy to use; fast accurate search
  • Unlimited, customizable hold reasons
  • Outlook integration
  • Single Sign On – Azure


Veritas Email Archiving and Continuity Cloud is a cloud-based archiving service, which helps regulated organisations meet data governance requirements and execute business or legal eDiscovery.

Working with Office 365, Google G Suite and on-premise mail systems, the service consists of the journal data archive system and web based management portals (Discovery & Personal archive).

With unlimited space and retention, Veritas Email Archiving and Continuity Cloud ultimately preserves email and other unstructured data by policy, whilst providing rapid search, legal hold, case management and eDiscovery.

It supports the following add-ons:

  • Folder Sync Service
  • Mailbox
  • Data Ingestion Service

Professional Services, Consultancy & Engineering Tools


Whether you’re after cloud to cloud or on premise to cloud migration, we have solutions that will enable a seamless migration for you and your customers.

It is understandable that embracing cloud solutions can be overwhelming. It is also inevitable that you may have concerns over migrating your data. BitTitan offers a full data migration solution to ease any concern.

User Migration Bundle

  • Enables you to move mailboxes, documents and personal archives in a single license

Mailbox MigrationWiz

  • Migrate mailboxes from nearly any source to destination

Document Migration

  • Move documents with no downtime or interruption

Outlook configuration

  • When Office 365 is your destination, configures your Outlook profiles without ever needing to visit another device

Personal Archive Migration

Migration personal archives files to a selected destination

How it works:

  • Fully automated solution – 100% SaaS
  • Run cloud and on-prem migrations anytime from anywhere
  • Managed through one single dashboard
  • Monitor active migration statuses
  • Report on completed migrations
  • Migration in 5 easy steps

Did you know?

intY’s support team now offer both cloud – cloud and on-prem – cloud migrations!

Offers and Incentives

We are currently providing a range of offers to ensure that users can work remotely, securely and effectively. Find out more below.


If you want more information about any of these services, please contact your Account Manager a call on +44 1454 640500.

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