Three Office 365 apps your customers may not know about

Many people use Office 365 for its powerful suite of well known apps like Office, Teams and Outlook but on average, over 70% of applications within any given Office 365 subscription are still not being used.

There are some lesser known apps within Office 365 that can bring great advantages to your customer’s businesses, and they may not even know they’re there! In this blog we’ll highlight some of these great apps and their superpowers to help you ensure your customers are fully utilising their Office 365 subscription.


MileIQ is an intelligent tool that allows you to track both personal and business trip mileage in one app, with just the click of a button. Once the app is set up, it runs automatically in the background of your smartphone to clock mileage during journeys, providing a simple and reliable way to work out, report and claim back your business miles without any hassle.

MileIQ Premium is included with Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions and is available in both the UK and US.

This is a great feature for companies  who rely on frequent travel to do business and may not have an automated system in-place already to calculate mileage, saving them time and money.

Microsoft Invoicing

There are many third-party invoicing platforms on the market and your customers may already have one in place within their business, but Microsoft Invoicing is an intuitive platform that sits within the Office 365 suite of products and comes at no extra cost to subscription holders. They may even save some money by cancelling any third-party subscriptions and switching to the Microsoft Invoicing platform.

Managing and tracking invoices can be a timely but crucial function for small businesses. Microsoft Invoicing simplifies this and provides an easy way for your customers to view and track their invoices on desktop or mobile devices to ensure they receive payments on time.

The app makes it easy to design customisable, branded invoices with pre-set services, products and prices to make the invoicing process even simpler. Customers can also convert estimates to full invoices and easily email them to their clients without hassle.

This is also a great tool for those businesses using an outdated or manual billing/invoicing system, helping to streamline their processes and modernise their business without hefty costs, it even plugs directly into QuickBooks to let you sync customer data and invoicing information, and you can use it with Microsoft Pay to easily accept credit and debit card payments online.

Microsoft Bookings

Save your customers valuable time by introducing them to Microsoft Bookings, an easy and intuitive platform that can replace clunky booking systems or manual booking processes.

Microsoft bookings is the perfect time saver for customers that take appointments manually over the phone or in-store, as it allows clients to book anywhere, anytime, online.

The system is easy to set up, fully customisable and even sends out reminders to clients after their booking has been confirmed and again before an appointment, this minimises cancelations, meaning better business for your customers. Microsoft Bookings is purpose built for small businesses and is a great tool for companies that handle any kind of bookings or appointments.

What this means for you…

All three of these great Microsoft apps come bundled free within any Office 365 Business Premium subscription, which means it’s an easy sell to customers who won’t need to put any extra financial investment into these systems, and you’ll be providing them more value and better service at no extra cost.

Suggesting new, cloud-based applications to your customers is also a great way of opening up the digital transformation conversation that many businesses want and need to be having but don’t know where to start.

Office 365 apps like MileIQ, Microsoft Invoicing and Microsoft Bookings are the perfect entry points into digital transformation for small businesses, building their trust and loyalty in you as a reseller. Being able to show the benefit of this higher value service means you can earn more revenue and create greater stickiness with your customer, ultimately leading to less customer churn.

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