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We dig into Symantec's SEP Mobile product and highlight the many benefits it can offer your customers...

As we continue to move toward a more collaborative and modern workplace and with the rise of digital transformation, the use of mobile devices for business continues to increase. Many business owners may well be aware of the threats this can pose but don’t have a complete solution in place to deter them.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile) is a comprehensive mobile device protection package that not only detects but also responds in real time to identified threats, protecting your customers’ corporate data without the need of third-party systems to take action.

Everyday actions, secured.

We all rely on WIFI at some point in our day and it can often be overlooked by an employee that simply connecting to the internet could have disastrous effects for a business. SEP Mobile protects mobile devices from non-legitimate corporate WIFI connections, keeping private credentials safe whilst only allowing secure and trusted networks to connect to your customers business devices.

Apps are another essential part of the digital transformation journey, collaboration, efficiency and company culture can all be heightened through the use of great apps but controlling which apps can be installed and accessed is integral to keeping mobile infrastructure safe. SEP Mobile makes this easy by allowing administrators to define unwanted app characteristics and stop malicious actions taking place both pre and post-installation.


SEP Mobile with SEP Cloud

Many of the SEP Mobile features are now included within SEP Cloud product licences, meaning small businesses can get access to high-quality mobile protection as part of their general business security package.

It’s now commonplace for employees to work across multiple devices and locations during their working life and simple actions such as connecting to WIFI or installing a mobile app can bring a host of opportunities for malicious parties to gain access to critical data and damage infrastructure.

The full SEP Cloud package offers protection for up to 5 devices per person and includes both traditional and mobile endpoints, with key security features such as:

  • App advisor for Malware and unwanted apps
  • Network and rogue WIFI protection
  • Network whitelisting
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • SMS Phishing protection


With Cybercrime on the rise and working trends changing, SEP Mobile is a security product that’s truly built for the modern business and an opportunity for resellers to offer their customers a fully comprehensive security package they won’t get through other providers.

Both SEP Mobile and SEP Cloud are available to all intY Partners through our cloud marketplace CASCADE.

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