Case study: HappyWired more than tripled their turnover in a year

“We joined intY just a few months after forming the business, intY have definitely helped us accelerate our growth, in our first-year turnover was approximately £60k, and this year should be in excess of £220k+.”
— Kevin Rowland
Office 365 Specialist - HappyWired


HappyWired was founded in 2016 by two seasoned enterprise solution specialists with an extensive portfolio of working with some of Europe’s largest enterprises, helping them to adopt Office 365 and SharePoint. HappyWired’s aim is to help every business, regardless of size, embrace the future with Microsoft technologies assisting clients in fully utilising the future of cloud technology.

Early projects highlighted the lack of awareness of the true potential for Office 365 and Azure; i.e. most clients had moved to the cloud but were only utilising a fraction of what their licences covered. Typically, their Managed Service Provider (MSP) had moved their email (and in some cases their files) to the cloud, but day to day IT usage had remained unchanged.


HappyWired’s aim is not to replace the current IT support partner of small and medium clients but complement them by helping clients to achieve more with the technology provided.

In addition, the company continues to work directly with larger businesses and enterprises, often in a specialist role alongside an in-house IT team, mainly delivering large scale Intranets, collaboration projects and analytic solutions.

They wanted to partner with and create alliances with more like-minded MSPs and VARs but weren’t sure where to find them and how to get the partnership started.

The challenge remained: how to bring true digital transformation to all.


HappyWired partnered with intY from an early stage and have always been impressed by the personalised and professional service received. HappyWired’s business culture has been deeply influenced and follows the same ethos; intY provides exemplary, polite, proactive and approachable support with a deep interest in clients’ business needs, which HappyWired tries to emulate.

Based on this, it became clear that the ideal clients of both HappyWired and intY would share many characteristics; partners backed by intY are likely to be embracing the latest technologies and moving clients to the cloud, a great match for HappyWired’s services too.

HappyWired began working with intY to understand their partners, their requirements and where they may need additional support, resulting in intY facilitating true partner-to-partner relationships.


Working with intY partners has brought benefits for all.

  • HappyWired is introduced to clients at the right time from a reputable source.
  • HappyWired shares the knowledge of other ISV solutions being provided by intY within their cloud marketplace CASCADE.
  • intY benefits from their partners offering a greater array of services.
  • MSP benefits from being a single IT entity to their client with increased monthly recurring revenue and customer loyalty.
  • Finally, and most significantly, the customer experiences the full potential of digital transformation delivered through Microsoft’s cloud platform.

HappyWired has now been working with a number of intY’s MSPs, helping deliver services to their clients. They’ve been jointly involved with partners’ projects, from tendering to delivery, as well as providing partners with internal training to help them identify the potential for cloud technologies within their current client base.

An introduction to Linten Technologies arose at a Microsoft 365 training event hosted by intY. Subsequently HappyWired has been helping them discover the potential of Office 365 for their clients. Linten Technologies were interested in adding the services offered by HappyWired to their already outstanding support packages, and an initial meeting allowed a demonstration of the services offered in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and Azure SaaS services.

“One of my colleagues met Kevin from HappyWired at a Microsoft training event and ever since, we’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with them. We bring them in to educate our customers on Office 365, which then allows us to sell more features.

“We also sell HappyWired on to our customers. If a customer wants development work, then we recommend them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship - if there’s something we can’t do, we’ll pass on the work to them and vice versa.”
— Chris Bulmer
Sales Director - Linten

Linten Technologies’ knowledge of their clients enabled the instant recognition of the opportunities and benefits a partnership with HappyWired could deliver. Within a few weeks, the company was introduced to an open discussion with one of Linten Technologies’ key clients. A successful meeting illustrated how embracing the full Office 365 suite would benefit their retail business, introducing them to StaffHub, Planner, and Teams as initial first steps.

The likely immediate outcome of the engagement is either an upgrade from Business Essential licencing to Business Premium, or a mixture of E3 and F1 licences to be provisioned by Linten Technologies via intY’s CASCADE portal. The customer will continue to reach out to Linten Technologies for additional advice as they embark on embracing their digital transformation. HappyWired will provide project-based services and act to enable the client to make the most of their Office 365 software, continually supported by the great team at Linten Technologies.

HappyWired has dramatically grown since working with intY, accelerating their turnover by more than triple the amount than last year. With access to over 3,000 of intY’s partners, HappyWired has already started working with 4 partners.

HappyWired has recently connected with other intY partners at intY’s annual CloudFest event. Like intY, HappyWired believes in true partnerships that are beneficial to all involved and that put the customer’s needs first.

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