The Importance of a Positive Workplace Culture

by Craig Joseph- intY CEO

If you do well, we do well. It’s something that’s ingrained in our business here at intY. But what does this phrase actually mean? What are the benefits of a positive workplace culture?

Put simply, company culture influences everything and everyone; and when you’re the head of a multi-million-pound business, it’s something you can’t ignore.

For me, creating a work environment that the team enjoy being a part of is a good step towards making sure my staff are happy, building a positive team spirit and improving productivity.

But that’s not all:


As I’m sure many HR professionals will agree, your company’s culture will directly impact its reputation, which in turn can make your whole recruitment process easier.

A business that’s well-known for valuing its employees has a competitive advantage; people want to work for companies where they know they will be looked after, be rewarded and genuinely enjoy the work they do.

When your current and even ex-employees sing your praises, not only will you start attracting talent, but they will be the right kind of people who will fit effortlessly into your team.


Staff retention and loyalty

A positive workplace culture will aid recruitment and also help you hold onto your top talent. A business’ most valuable asset is its people and without a strong and enthusiastic team in place (in my experience) your business is unlikely to be successful.

Earlier this year, breatheHR revealed that a third (34%) of British employees had quit a job due to bad workplace culture. This means high staff turnover and a costly recruitment process to regularly replace the employees you lose.

Traditionally, many businesses have underestimated the importance of having a positive workplace culture but now more than ever before, I would argue that it’s time to sit up and take notice.

At intY, we don’t just ‘say’ that our team’s happiness comes first; we truly believe it. We’re of the mindset that if we have happy staff, that will lead to our customers being happy – and if the customers are happy, then our board certainly will be!


Fewer absences

The importance of having a good work-life balance is widely publicised but despite this, stress is the UK’s most common work-related illness. In 2016/17, over 25 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health, and stress was the biggest culprit.

However, stress isn’t the only reason for employee absences. We all know someone who has taken a ‘sick’ day off work, simply because they’re not happy at work. Sick days are costly for companies, so it’s important to foster a company culture that positively impacts the wellbeing of employees.


Increased performance

When your team is happy in the workplace, they work harder, are more engaged in the work they do and are therefore more productive. On the flip side, miserable employees exposed to a negative environment will lose focus and become less efficient workers, which will ultimately impact on your bottom line.

Last year a report by CB Financial found that disengaged staff cost their employers up to £10,000 in wasted salary, which in turn contributes to a total £70 billion per year in lost productivity in the UK.


Customer satisfaction

As I said, we believe that happy staff lead to happy customers.

When an employee is happy in their workplace, they’re more likely to be attentive to a customers’ needs, have a positive attitude towards their work and will often go the extra mile because they genuinely want their company to do well.

Even better, employees who stay with a company long-term have more experience, knowledge and confidence when it comes to providing the best customer service.

Finally, giving staff the right motivation to achieve their targets will further aid in the delivery of high quality service, resulting in a much better customer experience.

For me, making sure people are at the heart of our business and are as happy and comfortable as they can possibly be is what it’s all about – great people doing great work in a great place.

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