Why Upgrade to Microsoft 365?

So, why upgrade your customers to Microsoft 365?

For SMBs, Microsoft 365 Business is what you’ll want to look at. When Satya Nadella announced the release of Microsoft 365, he said that Microsoft 365 Business gives SMBs the same tools and sophistication that any huge enterprise has. The Business edition allows smaller businesses to empower their teams, safeguard their businesses and simplify their IT management with a single, smart solution that is completely purpose built for smaller organisations. It’s everything that Office 365 is, but so much more…

Diving a little deeper…

A hot topic and focus point for every single business out there today is cybersecurity. In our digitally connected world, where most of our day to day activities (whether that is at work or home) revolve around being connected, cybercrime is rising, cybercriminals are getting smarter and cyber threats are evolving at the speed of which technology is developing. Many of us fall victim to cyberattacks, and here’s where Microsoft 365 Business comes into play…

Secured, always…

With Microsoft 365 Business, you can safeguard your company’s sensitive data across desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with the latest versions of Office 365 and Windows 10. Help protect users from phishing emails and other security threats, create policies in the admin centre to protect devices when they are lost or stolen, manage how users access files on mobile devices, and require pins or fingerprint access to apps. It’s always on, so you’re always secure. It’s the safest Windows yet, with an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 and 8.1 Pro.

With Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 in January of 2020, businesses using the outdated operating system will no longer receive crucial security updates or technical support, leaving their systems vulnerable to possible cyber attacks or software failures.

There is no better time to upgrade to Windows 10 and make use of Microsoft 365’s full suite of products.

So, cyber threat protection is included. What else?

Another great benefit of Microsoft 365 Business is the file storage. You’ll get a huge 1TB of storage to enable you to access your documents from anywhere.

Want another? Dependability and support!

Microsoft is guaranteeing 99.9% uptime… let’s be honest, that’s pretty impressive!

We can keep going…

Your favourite applications from Office 365 are still there. Don’t worry, leaving Office 365 behind to utilise Microsoft 365 doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the applications you love most… They’re all there and always up to date to ensure you’ve got the latest versions…

And lastly, we think it’s definitely worth a mention that the whole service is simplified for business. It features easy employee setup and deployment where you can manage users and devices from a single, seamless dashboard with a single login for all services and devices.

That’s an overview of the Business edition, what about the Enterprise edition?

At Inspire, Nadella introduced the Enterprise edition as a service for big businesses who are going through digital transformation.

In large-scale businesses, where everyone’s in and out of the office all the time, or based in different offices around the country or world, it makes teamwork increasingly difficult. Microsoft 365 Enterprise is the solution to this problem by including enterprise class email, voice and video. It enables every employee to be connected easily within each team and location. You can share and collaborate on documents in real-time, without the need to set up a physical meeting.

Unlock creativity for the modern business

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork helps us to unlock creativity. With Microsoft 365, work naturally with ink, voice and touch to visualise information in new and different ways. With intelligent apps, you can create compelling content, build on the work and collaborate with others to build on their expertise.

A simple solution to complex problems

Microsoft 365 is integrated for simplicity. Say goodbye to complex problems as the service is always up to date, utilises a self-service deployment capability, is cloud based for easy management and collects rich data from your environment. Reduce TCO with consolidated, smart solutions.

Smart security

With the all new smart security that Microsoft 365 includes, large enterprises can now protect identities, apps, data and multiple devices easily and simply. It allows you to manage data archiving, governance and discovery, all while accelerating GDPR compliance. Thwart advanced threats with Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.


So what next?

We think it’s pretty clear, upgrading from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 increases your customers security, reduces threat to business and offers more tools to encourage productivity and collaboration. It will also earn you higher margins and more recurring revenue!

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