Cloud Distribution That Enables Digital Transformation

Driving digital enablement through Nulia...

In today’s world, successful digital transformation requires company investment in two ways; technology and people. In the eye’s of Nulia, where there’s people there’s ‘Digital enablement’; the power to educate the workforce to fully interact with the latest digital technologies and allow employees to unlock their full potential.

So, what is digital enablement?

To put it simply, digital enablement is about implementing a cohesive business education strategy that identifies specific technology skills gaps, and creates a tailored plan that aligns with the organisational goals. This then helps increase efficiency and grow adoption rates for new and emerging technologies.

Businesses who implement new technologies such as cloud services like Office 365, without fully understanding internal training needs are suffering from missed opportunities through skills gaps and low product adoption.

Here’s where Nulia come in…

Nulia’s expansive educational catalog is delivered through engaging webinars, incorporating sessions designed for all abilities. From it’s ‘Office 365 fundamentals’ course (aimed at those at the beginning of their Office 365 journey) to ‘Managing your workforce with Office 365’, there’s a tailored plan to suit all business needs.

Many businesses implement Office 365 without fully utilising it’s full suite of tools, opting to use Outlook for it’s email functions and ignoring highly useful collaboration tools such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Nulia’s enablement services highlight the advantages of these tools, and encourage complete business adoption to increase your customers business efficiency.

Better rates of adoption for new technologies means better business. Empowering employees to make full use of the tools they have, allows for more efficiency, increased collaboration and a higher ROI on the implementation of new software.


How does it benefit you?

For intY partners, Nulia is also a great way to identify opportunities to up-sell Office 365 upgrades that might have otherwise been off your customers radar, by showing them the advantages of better productivity and collaboration tools.

Through the use of intY’s recently launched Partner Insights™ software, you can monitor customer’s Office 365 adoption to see which applications could be utilised more efficiently and suggest Nulia packages to fit their business needs, increasing your customer retention rates.

Nulia truly is the perfect fix for those gaps in the digital transformation journey and it’s available now through CASCADE.

Need to know more?

If you’re ready to sell Nulia and up your customers Office 365 adoption, or if you want to know more about Nulia’s amazing services then get in touch with our team today!

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