The Industry Game Changer: Partner Insights

by Spencer Wilkinson - intY CTO

At intY HQ, we’ve been thinking about how to transform client relationships from summer romances into long-term love affairs.

We wanted to give our partners something that would help them become not just a provider, but a valued source of insights that clients would keep coming back to again and again.

That’s how our newest feature, Partner Insights, came about.

Instant Insights that Add Value

Partner Insights is a dashboard that shows you and your customers exactly how they’re using their cloud software solutions.

Both you and your clients can do things like check the adoption rate across the Microsoft Office 365 suite, see how many malware attacks Symantec has stopped, and feel reassured by seeing just how many files Acronis has backed up — all in real time.

Digital Wizardry and a Dash of Magic Sauce

As well as being a brand new concept in the cloud distribution industry, Partner Insights uses the latest technology to create this personalised dashboard.

Millions of data calls feed into Partner Insights, all in real time thanks to Microsoft Azure, HD Insights, Kafka, and a bit of our secret sauce to bring everything together.

All that data is then pulled into an intuitive, easy to understand visual display that gives a real overview of a client’s digital workplace.

Wowing New Clients

We know how frustrating it can be knowing that you have the perfect cloud solution for a customer, but not being able to quite win them over.

By using dashboard data, you can show exactly how your solutions have benefitted other clients and prove the value that cloud solutions can add using real data.

Getting that All Important Recurring Revenue

It’s not just new clients you can win over using Partner Insights. Using Partner Insights allows you to really understand your clients’ digital workplace increasing your reach, frequency and yield.

The custom dashboard gives you the ability to proactively check in with your clients and offer them real evidence on how well cloud solutions are working for them.

By looking at the dashboard, not only will you be able to evidence the benefits of existing products, you’ll be able to suggest and cross-sell the best additional products, backing up that recommendation with data that’s unique to their business.

Being able to provide such concrete proof of the value you add will make sure existing clients become advocates — and there’s no better marketing than a happy customer.

Setting the Industry Direction

You won’t find this real-time, client specific dashboard anywhere else because, well, we invented it. Just as we were the first to bring our CASCADE platform to market, this is something completely unique in the cloud distribution industry.

Just as our relationship with you doesn’t stop once you’ve bought from us, neither does your relationship with your customer. Partner Insights uses data to bridge the gap between vendor, partner, customer and end user, creating a “damn they’re good” experience for everyone.

We love innovating. That’s why we’re setting the pace and direction of the cloud distribution industry.

We’ve Got Your Back

Ready to get started? Create a data-driven approach that clients won’t be able to resist by becoming a partner. It’s free to set up and we’ll proactively work with you to maximise product utilisation and increase security in the digital workplace.

Love the sound of Partner Insights but not sure how to get started? Or want to know more about reaching out to your clients using Partner Insights data?

We’re so proud of this feature, and our team of cloud sales specialists are here to help you make it a success. Get in touch either through our website or give us a call on +44 (0)1454 640500 to find out more.

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